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    27 Smarter Versions Of The Things You Probably Use Every Day

    For all those times you've thought "there has to be a better way!".

    1. This coffee machine knows when you're going to wake up and gets your coffee ready the second your alarm goes off (take my MONEY).

    2. This descaler ball lasts for years, works in both your washing machine AND your dishwasher, and is way more fuss-free than tablets or powders.

    3. There's a spinning mechanism in this mop that drains and dries the head really quickly.

    4. Not only will you remember what page you're on with this bookmark, you can work out exactly which word you stopped at too.

    5. It turns out USB-charged batteries exist. We are in the future.

    6. Always forget to switch the light off when you leave a room, or want a well-lit cupboard without ramping up your electricity bill? These motion-sensor lights turn on when they detect movement, and switch off again if everything stays still for a while.

    7. These sockets have a timer, so you'll be able to make sure you haven't accidentally left your charger plugged in all day for no reason (i.e. me).

    8. You'll save so much space with one of these wonder hangers.

    9. All card holders are useful, but not all of them have anti-theft RFID-blocking technology like this one does!

    10. Sure, you could spend ages trying to get the perfect cat eye with a regular eyeliner. Or you could just get this stamp eyeliner instead!

    11. This umbrella won't turn inside-out, even on windy days!

    12. You can use endless cotton wool rounds and micellar water, or you can try a reusable cloth that removes your makeup using nothing but water.

    13. A stainless steel garlic rocker is way easier to clean (and use) than a crusher!

    14. We've all got a shower head, but we don't all have one that removes the limescale from your water!

    15. This round brush detangles like a normal hairbrush, but because it's kind of a show-off, it'll blow-dry and style your hair while it's doing it as well.

    16. This piggy bank will tell you exactly how much loose change is in it.

    17. You can write your notes in this app-enabled notebook, upload them to the app, clean the page, and start again. Science, man.

    18. These tempered-steel smart scissors will cut through almost anything.

    19. This tablet dispenser is colour-coded for each day, and it's got slots for the morning, afternoon, evening, and a spare!

    20. This backpack will help to protect your valuables from theft!

    21. Replace your watering jug with these globes, which are low-key genius.

    22. Silicone straws create less waste than the single-use plastic kind!

    23. You can roll up this silicone water bottle when you're not using it and just chuck it into your bag!

    24. This dish brush dispenses washing-up liquid!

    25. This cutlery organiser takes up about a third of the space of other kinds!

    26. Invisibobbles are a better version of your current hair ties.

    27. You might have a knife sharpener, but you probably haven't got one that sticks to your countertop via a suction cup so that it doesn't move around while you're using it.

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