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    27 Sex Toys And Accessories To Give You A *Very* Happy Valentine's Day

    You'll be buzzing to receive these (I'm so sorry).

    1. LELO's ORA 3 clitoral stimulator has a rotating nub under its soft silicone cover that reviewers say mimics a tongue pretty accurately.

    2. I hit 'add to cart' the second I saw this siren-red basque.

    3. Snap up a bargain with this extensive 'Intimate Foreplay' gift set! It contains an eye mask, a bullet vibrator, vanilla-scented body oil, a tickler, handcuffs, water-based lube, and two fun sex dice (phew).

    4. This 30-pack of thin Durex condoms is a steal at under £11.

    5. This massage candle has a low melting point, so it won't burn your partner when you pour the oil onto them. Choose between vanilla, snow pear & cedarwood, cocoa, and black pepper & pomegranate scents!

    6. Customers say that this non-padded bra is incredibly flattering.

    7. This discreet four-speed vibrator looks like a lipstick! It'll last for up to 45 minutes at a time.

    8. LELO's GIGI 2 G-spot stimulator has a flat tip that doubles as a clitoral massager when you flip the toy around. Customers love its velvety finish and quiet motor!

    9. Whether you're trying sex toys for the first time or just want to add to your collection, this three-speed bullet vibrator is pretty much perfect.

    10. Keep your toys clean with the help of this specially-designed spray.

    11. Some folks say that this powerful wireless wand massager worked for them where everything else had failed! It offers 20 vibration patterns and has a flexible head that fits to the contours of your body.

    12. Bring some ~drama~ to the bedroom with these scarlet suspenders.

    13. This expertly angled ten-speed rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate your G-spot.

    14. Keep it classic with this six-inch ripple vibrator. It can be used internally and externally, and it comes with ten settings!

    15. These luxurious silk cuffs have soft suede interiors. Their ribbon tie backs make them easily adjustable!

    16. This longline mesh bra is simply stunning.

    17. Reviewers rave about this water-based lube! It won't damage your silicone sex toys or latex condoms in the way that oil-based lubricants can.

    18. LELO's cult-status SONA massager is designed to surround the entire clitoris (even the bits you can't see). It's got eight pulsating modes for layers of pleasure!

    19. You'll basically be able to cheat on your partner with your partner thanks to this well-reviewed 'Monogamy' board game.

    20. LELO's Ipo 2 vibrator slips over your middle or index finger for a seamlessly enhanced experience. You can control its 12 settings at the touch of a button!

    21. LELO's flexible Smart Wand offers all the power of mains-connected massagers without the cables. Its vibrations start to build the second it comes into contact with your body!

    22. Customers have been wowed by this soft silicone rabbit vibrator. It works both externally AND internally (not bad for less than £15, right?).

    23. This inexpensive clitoral stimulation love ring will make the ~experience~ better for both of you. Folks say that it's super comfortable, with many raving about its easy-access power button and whisper-quiet motor!

    24. And LELO's TIANI 3 toy is also mutually beneficial. One of its vibrating arms can be inserted internally while the other massages externally, providing a thrilling combination of sensations for both people. Plus, it's completely remote-controlled!

    25. Spend some ~quality time~ together with this couple's weekend kit. It's packed with nine sensual goodies, including a rabbit vibrator, a love ring, and so much more.

    26. Reviewers say that using this Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral suction toy feels more or less like oral sex. It's completely waterproof and offers 11 intense settings!

    27. There's something so gorgeous about this babydoll dress. Choose from black, white, or red!

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