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    29 Ridiculously Cute Things That You Might Actually Get Some Use Out Of

    They're not just a pretty face.

    1. This sheep toilet roll holder is almost aggressively adorable.

    2. We're losing our minds over this adorable glass, which is double insulated for safety and to keep your drinks at the right temp.

    3. And these lil' macarons will store your jewellery, earphones, and any other bits and bobs you have laying around.

    4. This Chip mug will make tea time infinitely more enjoyable.

    5. This diffuser gives off a surprisingly powerful continuous steam for something so small and adorable!

    6. This tea strainer is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like a platypus.

    7. This cute cat will lend a helping hand anytime you need to jot something down.

    8. And Eric the elephant will make sure you don't forget to pick up milk on your way home from work.

    9. This gorge MacBook cover will transform your laptop.

    10. This penguin thermal flask will keep your drinks at the right temp.

    11. This daisy PopSocket will make your phone easier to grip, stand up on its own, and just look super pretty.

    12. This insanely cute exfoliating brush just needs a little bit of cleanser to turn it into a pore-cleansing maestro.

    13. And this lip balm is almost unBEARably cute.

    14. Can we please, PLEASE talk about these socks that look like sushi?!

    15. This thoughtful robot lamp will light up your desk AND your day.

    16. This adorable hedgehog doorstop is heavier than it looks, so will hold your door open with ease.

    17. And this absolute champ of a draught excluder is extra long so it will completely cover the gap at the bottom of your door.

    18. You can heat this pillow in the microwave so it can warm your tummy as well as your heart.

    19. And this acrobatic hedgehog is perfectly poised to finely grate your cheese, chocolate, and lemon zest.

    20. This little chilli scruncher will give you the perfect freshly crushed chilli flakes if you like adding a bit of spice to *everything*.

    21. You definitely won't want to share these paper clips that look like ACTUAL SQUIRRELS.

    22. These egg cups are shaped like tiny buckets. I mean, come on.

    23. This moon bookmark is out of this world.

    24. You could use plain old sticky tape to wrap gifts or stick things in your scrapbook. Or you could use this stunning washi tape instead!

    25. These makeup brushes are almost too pretty to use. Almost.

    26. This One Line A Day journal will last you five years!

    27. This cute lil’ orange peeler is both sturdy and precise.

    28. These oven gloves are basically kitchen decor.

    29. And finally, this helpful little man will get rid of water marks on your shower door.