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    21 Products For Realistic DIY Projects That Won't Just Sit On Your Pinterest Board

    For everything from your walls to your food and clothes!

    1. Love those lil' embroidery circles, but hate the fact that they can be super expensive? Same! This beginner's set has everything you need to make your own, and it's really highly-rated too.

    2. Got an old frame that you just know you're never going to fill with a picture? Hear me out here – you can just fill it with this blackboard paint instead for an adorable and reusable lil' memo board that requires zero installation. (If you haven't got an old frame but love the idea, this rustic-looking dusty pink one would offset the black paint perfectly).

    3. These door knobs are an easy but effective way to upgrade your cabinets, drawers, shelves, and more. Just remove your current handles and slot one of these in instead!

    4. Speaking of making your furniture look more ~expensive~, this textured dark wood-look contact paper can be cut to fit almost any part of your cabinets, drawers, desks, and more.

    5. You can make your own fake masks mess-free with this nine-in-one mixing kit! There are tonnes of great recipes out there, including lemon and honey, oats, and more – but bentonite clay is a common base for lots of them.

    6. I'm not saying you have to decorate a jar with these glass paints and then fill it with these lil' fairy lights. I'm just saying, it would look pretty great if you did.

    7. These iron-on patches are a great way to customise your bags, clothes, and more!

    8. If you want to make your own chocolate eggs this Easter or just fancy trying to create a chocolate bombe at home, these moulds are seriously helpful.

    9. Did you know that all you have to do to make the designs you create with one of these porcelain pens permanent is to bake your ceramic mug after? Because I didn't, and I'm starting to regret not knowing sooner.

    10. This lavender-scented soap-making kit is cruelty-free and really easy to follow! There's everything you need in the kit to get you started.

    11. Yes, pre-made terrariums are gorgeous, and no, I can't afford one (WHY are they £60+??). Don't worry, though – this incredible kit allows you to grow your own for less than a tenner, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's really easy to use.

    12. If you want to make your own jewellery but don't love the usual crystal-and-wire aesthetic that sets often come with, you can make your own using this empty chain and then decorate them with whatever pendants you choose. I love these cheap lil' celestial ones!

    13. These reusable flowerpot-shaped silicone cupcake holders will transform your bakes into lil' plant-shaped pots of edible happiness.

    14. You can bend these fairy lights into whatever shape you like.

    15. After you've folded this origami paper into lil' shapes (there are heaps of tutorials online), you can hang them from your ceiling with thread for a sophisticated-but-whimsical look.

    16. Yes, macramé wall hangings look great, and no, they're not actually that hard to make either! Create your own for less with this super helpful kit.

    17. You can make your own personalised decorations with these fairy light pegs! Use them to hang up everything from photos to ticket stubs to pressed flowers – basically these lights can become a scrapbook for your wall.

    18. Make your own lip balms with this organic kit!

    19. This felting kit contains all you need to make this mini penguin (awww!).

    20. You can make your own stunning coasters by using polymer clay combined with some metallic paint (I love black and gold together for a celestial vibe, but you can go with any combo you like).

    21. And last but not least, this flower press is perfect for keeping your fave blooms after their season has passed (ideal for scrapbookers!).