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    44 Products You Should Honestly Stop Putting Off Buying

    There's truly no reason to hold off on that electric toothbrush IMO.

    1. I bought these anti-chafing shorts recently and haven't looked back since. They double up as cycling shorts!

    2. You'll finally be able to reach your back while showering thanks to this long-handled brush.

    3. You won't run out of bin liners for ages after nabbing this massive roll of 50 leakproof bags (seriously, I was NOT prepared for how huge this multipack was). They're made from recycled materials!

    4. Not to be dramatic, but this Oral-B 'Pro2' electric toothbrush has genuinely made me wonder if my teeth had ever been truly clean before.

    5. You'll need this inexpensive adapter to charge it!

    6. Channel your inner artist with these watercolour brush pens.

    7. Whether you get period cramps or suffer from other aches, you've probably had your eye on a heat pad for a while now. I swear by this reusable and microwavable bargain!

    8. Speaking of reusable products, people love this nonstick silicone baking mat.

    9. I've been using these antihistamines since spring started and have been impressed by how fast-acting and effective they are. They work for everything from pet allergies to hayfever!

    10. Banish those Dreaded Patches from your carpet or sofa with Dr Beckmann's cleaning solution.

    11. This extra-long radiator brush will clear out one of the hardest-to-reach areas of your home (seriously, take a peek down your heaters).

    12. These fragrance spheres will make your home smell incredible without you having to burn a candle. They smell of freshly washed towels!

    13. For such a cult-status product, e.l.f.'s 'Camo Concealer' is ridiculously inexpensive.

    14. These genius sachets turn used cooking oil solid, so you'll be able to easily clean out your deep fat fryer.

    15. This drain unblocker is strong enough to dissolve hair, so you can wave goodbye to the annoying blockage in your shower's plughole.

    16. Prepare for the sunny months ahead with this dermatologist-approved sunscreen.

    17. And if you wear makeup, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this clever SPF50 spray from Garnier sooner. Spray it over your makeup and it'll protect your skin *without* disturbing the cosmetics underneath (I know, right?).

    18. Not only does this coconut-scented deodorant from Dove smell incredible, but people also say it keeps their 'pits fresh throughout the day.

    19. These reusable copper lint rollers will work just as well on your carpets as they do on your clothes. No wonder pet owners swear by 'em!

    20. I honestly can't think of anything more soothing than watching Netflix with this 4kg weighted blanket over my lap.

    21. The AHA compounds in this peel from The Ordinary will buff away the dead skin cells on your face to reveal a brighter, fresher layer underneath.

    22. Smooth and strengthen your tresses with Olaplex's No.3 'Hair Perfector'.

    23. These privacy webcam covers slide across, so you can go from having a fully covered camera to enjoying a selfie session in no time!

    24. Sort out your blunt blades with this tabletop knife sharpener. It's got a suction cup at the bottom to ensure it doesn't slip while you're using it!

    25. This garlic rocker is a serious life hack. It's much easier to clean than a regular garlic press!

    26. These blind spot mirrors will make driving a little easier!

    27. These clip-on covers are a great way to protect the bristles of your toothbrush from dirt and germs.

    28. Sick of seeing the built-up crust in your kettle? This descaler ball is here to help! Just pop it in your appliance and leave it to work its magic.

    29. And if you wince whenever you see the worked-in dirt on your coffee machine, these deep-cleaning Nespresso pods are here to help.

    30. These RFID-blocking card covers will help to keep your details safe while you're out and about.

    31. These personalised wheelie bin stickers are completely weatherproof!

    32. Sorry, but your picnic just isn't complete without these mini ice blocks.

    33. You can't go too far wrong with a great pair of tweezers, so it's a good thing that this three-piece set is ridiculously highly-rated.

    34. If you find that emery boards don't shape your nails smoothly enough, it might be time to snap up this reusable glass alternative. It comes with a nifty buffer!

    35. Want to give The Ordinary a go but aren't sure where to start? I swear by their exfoliating and brightening lactic acid.

    36. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure really evenly, so you won't get kinks in your hair or suffer ponytail-induced headaches!

    37. This Denman shower brush will massage your scalp and lather your shampoo at the same time.

    38. Okay, I know it sounds a bit strange, but this pumice cleaning block is actually an incredibly effective way to clean everything from oven racks to toilets! I've used it myself and found it was the only product that got rid of limescale stains in my loo.

    39. If you've ever tried this cult-status matte setting spray from NYX, you'll understand why 85% of its 50,000+ ratings are either four or five stars.

    40. Mould is a pretty common problem in the UK, but don't worry – this highly-rated removal spray has got your back.

    41. If you've been seeing OGX's biotin and collagen conditioner all over your Instagram explore page, it's because its sulphate-free formula genuinely is great at protecting your hair.

    42. This 'Living the Dream' dry shampoo from TIGI Bed Head pretty much became my ride or die the instant I started using it.

    43. Treat yourself to this Le Creuset stoneware mug! It's available in 15 different colours.

    44. This makeup brush cleaning mat has handy suction cups on the back to ensure it doesn't move around when you're using it.

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