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    41 Products That Might Just Make You Think "Why Don't I Own That Yet?"

    Including a natural-looking freckle pen and an absolute steal of a cast iron skillet!

    1. I was honestly sceptical about this hair growth oil until I read its rave reviews! Folks say it really will deliver thicker, longer locks.

    2. Settle in for a great night's sleep with this ridiculously highly-rated contoured eye mask! It might just prevent the sunshine from waking you up at 5AM, and it comes with earplugs too.

    3. Remove the dead skin from your heels with this electric file (so gross, but so satisfying).

    4. Make your lips shine with e.l.f.'s cult-status lip gloss.

    5. These plush panda magnets couldn't be any cuter if they tried. The members of your household will smile every time they walk past 'em!

    6. Everyone in your home will end up arguing about who gets to use the cushion with this stunning cover on it.

    7. These reusable ceramic baking beads will ensure that anyone who eats your pastry will ask you for the recipe.

    8. Customers say that Abi Daré's The Girl With The Louding Voice is the most captivating book they've read in a while. It focuses on Adunni, a woman who tells her own heartbreaking story with skill and humour.

    9. My weekend plans now involve eating this kilo of pick 'n' mix sweets in one sitting.

    10. These waterproof stickers are ideal for Friends fans.

    11. This expensive-looking herringbone throw is ideal for late summer.

    12. This massive roll of 50 leakproof bags will last you for AGES.

    13. Messy sock drawers can sometimes feel like a fact of life, but with this honeycomb drawer organiser, they don't have to be.

    14. I cannot get over how good this leopard plant mister looks.

    15. You can use it on the plants you place in this adorable giraffe-shaped pot.

    16. These pore strips will remove excess sebum and buildup from your skin in one satisfying peel (ugh, the dream).

    17. Channel your inner E-girl with this natural-looking freckle pen.

    18. If your bathroom doesn't have a shaving plug point, this plug adapter will help you to power up your electric toothbrushes or clippers between uses.

    19. This Denman shampoo brush is the best thing I've ever used on my thick hair. It massages my scalp while also working shampoo right down to my roots!

    20. Hate cleaning the varnish from the sides of your nails? This peel-off nail polish barrier has got your back!

    21. Anyone who bakes or cooks regularly will be glad they bought this set of five stainless steel bowls.

    22. Life sometimes feels like a never-ending list of minor kitchen tasks, so it's a good thing that this oven liner exists. It'll protect the base of your cooker from spills, stains, and crumbs!

    23. Not to be dramatic, but this Oral-B 'Pro2' electric toothbrush has genuinely made me wonder if my teeth had ever been truly clean before.

    24. And while we're on the topic, these clip-on covers are a great way to protect the bristles of your toothbrush from dirt and germs.

    25. If you've got long hair, you'll appreciate L'Oréal's 'No Haircut' cream. Its keratin-rich formula helps to prevent split ends and repair breakage!

    26. These RFID-blocking card covers will help to keep your details safe while you're out and about.

    27. These privacy webcam covers slide across, so you can go from having a fully covered camera to enjoying a selfie session in no time!

    28. Keep your iPhone 11 or iPhone XR safe with these tempered glass screen protectors.

    29. Get rid of black mould from your walls, grouting, or ceiling with Cillit Bang's fast-acting formula.

    30. When are we going to talk about these reusable mason jar-shaped storage bags?! They've got zips on their tops for an airtight seal!

    31. This oil-control soap will also exfoliate your skin!

    32. You'll positively glow after applying Vaseline's cocoa-scented moisturising body oil.

    33. Customers can't get over the fact that this triple-pack of Colgate toothbrushes costs less than one Great British pound.

    34. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    35. Ensure your clothes' colours don't run into each other by using these Colour Catcher sheets.

    36. These stretchy silicone lids are a great way to preserve everything from opened cans to cut fruit. They're completely dishwasher-safe!

    37. You'll be able to keep your opened wine fresh for up to a week(!!) by using these vacuum stoppers.

    38. Cast iron pans heat food really evenly and consistently, and they can go straight from the hob to the oven without any hassle! This one is pre-seasoned to save you time, and it's ridiculously well-reviewed too (yess).

    39. These deep-cleaning Nespresso pods are absolute game changers.

    40. Not only do these cereal dispensers look incredible, but they'll also provide an airtight environment for your food!

    41. Don't mind me, just ordering this TikTok-famous Garnier hair mask ASAP.

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