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    36 Products That Work So Well, They Got Thousands Of Five-Star Reviews

    You could make a constellation with all these stars!

    1. Banish those annoying flakes from your scalp with Nizoral's anti-dandruff shampoo.

    2. Charge your electric toothbrush or razor with this two-pin plug adapter.

    3. I've used this long-lasting eyebrow tint myself and love how effective it is.

    4. And the same goes for Maybelline's TikTok-famous 'Sky High' mascara! Its inky formula will separate, define, and lift your lashes without any clumps.

    5. Caffeine addicts swear by Lavazza's whole bean Arabica coffee.

    6. Unblock your drains with Mr Muscle's powerful heavy-duty gel.

    7. The Pink Stuff paste is a cult-status product for a reason – it'll clean everything from metal to tiles, so you can wave goodbye to that annoying rust at the base of your taps.

    8. Treat your tresses to this banana-infused hair mask.

    9. You can use these lil' razors to get rid of any unwanted brow hairs or peach fuzz.

    10. Keen gardeners will be so glad they bought this pressure sprayer.

    11. Make dry and damaged hair look smoother, softer, and sleeker with this cult-status Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector.

    12. You'll finally be able to unlock that annoying drain with the help of HG's powerful fluid.

    13. Treat and prevent nail fungus with Scholl's powerful formula.

    14. You'll be able to cook crispy food without the oil thanks to Tower's air fryer (Alexa, play Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana).

    15. CeraVe's non-greasy moisturiser contains skin barrier-building ceramides.

    16. Customers say that Veet's hair removal cream doesn't stink up their bathroom!

    17. The head of this clever toilet brush is made from silicone, so nothing will get stuck in between its bristles.

    18. Hydrate *and* brighten your skin with L'Oréal's anti-fatigue moisturiser.

    19. Whether you own a pet or just hate dust, Shark's ridiculously effective upright vacuum cleaner is pretty much a must-have.

    20. Strengthen your nails from the inside out with Sally Hansen's ridiculously highly-rated formula.

    21. If you're sick of looking at the Dreaded Patch on your grouting or ceiling, this fast-acting mould removal spray has got your back.

    22. Nab yourself a bargain with this massive bottle of vitamin C serum.

    23. Sorry, but your kitchen just isn't complete without this digital thermometer.

    24. Cantu's curling cream will help to define and smoothen your coils.

    25. This Russell Hobbs stick blender is a steal at a tenner!

    26. Banish the dead skin at the base of your nails in as little as fifteen seconds with Sally Hansen's cuticle remover gel.

    27. This boar's bristle hairbrush will distribute the oil from your scalp evenly throughout your hair, preventing that annoying greasy roots / dry ends problem.

    28. The ceramic tongs of this Remington hair straightener are infused with smoothing and hydrating argan oil!

    29. This salicylic acid-infused soap is studded with exfoliating kernels that have gotten rid of some reviewers' blackheads.

    30. Make the dead skin on your heels a thing of the past with these exfoliating foot masks.

    31. These extra-tough clippers have seriously wowed reviewers.

    32. Achieve the perfect sunkissed glow with Garnier's gradual tan moisturiser.

    33. Some customers swear by this cold-pressed castor oil to lengthen and thicken their brow hairs and lashes.

    34. Your spare key will stay safe in this weatherproof code-activated box.

    35. If your nails have been flaking or splitting way more than you'd like them to, this hydrating cuticle oil might just help.

    36. This vitamin E and shea butter-rich cream from Palmer's might just reduce the appearance of stretch marks!

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