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    27 Products I Was Honestly Sceptical About Until I Saw The Reviews

    Turns out these only SOUND too good to be true.

    1. This reusable makeup remover cloth claims to get rid of your cosmetics (including waterproof mascara) with just water, and judging by its rave reviews, it must be doing something right.

    2. These charcoal-infused teeth whitening strips have really wowed reviewers!

    3. This water-squirting, ear wax-busting syringe 1) exists and 2) actually gives incredible results (who knew?).

    4. This eco-friendly laundry egg promises to eliminate your need for laundry detergent entirely for over a year, and no, I wouldn't have believed it either unless I'd gone through the glowing reviews.

    5. These watering globes can keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks with zero effort from you (yes, really).

    6. How handy is this useful tester, which tells you how much charge is in your batteries at a single glance?!

    7. Not only do these poaching bags actually help you to achieve great poached eggs in minutes, they'll keep your pan cleaner while they're doing it too.

    8. This rice cooker allows you to get perfectly-cooked grains in the microwave (yes, I thought it sounded too convenient to be true as well, but the thousands of positive reviews swayed me).

    9. This car polishing cloth promises to get rid of minor scratches and stains on your car's paintwork, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's really not kidding.

    10. No, I didn't think you could sharpen your knives properly at home without one of those complicated buffer stick things, and yes, this handy countertop knife sharpener proved me wrong.

    11. The idea of an effective universal drain stopper made no sense to me until I saw this highly-rated one (I'm 100% a believer now).

    12. Did you know there was such a thing as a nail repair kit? Because I didn't, and I nearly scrolled past this one until I saw how highly-rated it is.

    13. A headache relief stick sounds almost too good to be true, but seeing as this one has gotten such incredibly high ratings, it's got to be delivering!

    14. These spot-covering, zit-absorbing hydrocolloid patches took me from "surely these can't work as well as they claim they do" to "OMG I need five packs" in about two minutes.

    15. Oh boy, do people seriously love this lengthening lash serum.

    16. I didn't think there was a topcoat out there that would give my fidgety, nail polish-picking (I know) self a long-lasting manicure, but that's exactly what this Seche Vite topcoat does!

    17. If you own a pet, you'll know that their hair ends up almost everywhere. Fellow animal owners have been surprised by how effective this reusable roller is at picking up even the finest of hairs!

    18. Folks say this tongue scraper leaves their mouth feeling extra clean and fresh, which actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    19. A mask for your feet might sound like a strange way to get rid of calluses and dead skin buildup, but this one really does do a great job of transforming your soles!

    20. This ethylene-absorbing produce saver box will make your fruit and veg last longer and fits right into your fridge.

    21. This silicone massager brush works your products right into your scalp, helping to rid your hair of buildup more effectively while getting the most out of your shampoo.

    22. This blackhead remover vacuum does exactly what it says on the tin (no, really).

    23. You can get rid of the bobbles on your clothes with this incredible machine, and you won't even have to worry about damaging the fabric.

    24. This sponge tin is designed to get rid of all the eyeshadow on your brush without any liquid, so you can transition from one colour to another without mixing shades (the future is HERE).

    25. If this long-lasting stick-on toilet roll holder hadn't been so highly reviewed, I'd almost think it was too handy.

    26. This car dehumidifier bag means you'll be able to walk into your car in the morning without having to face a fogged-up windshield.

    27. And last but most definitely not least, this screw-on shower head will reduce the amount of limescale in your shower and improve your water pressure at the same time (and it's got the reviews to prove it).