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    44 Genius Products With A Ridiculous Amount Of Five-Star Reviews

    *adds entire list to cart*

    1. You can bring a vacuum pack set *with* you on holiday (vacuum included) with this portable set.

    2. This roll of self-adhesive Velcro is an organisation must-have.

    3. This silicone ice tray makes removing the cubes ridiculously easy.

    4. Banish any excess moisture from your air with these dehumidifiers. Reviewers say they've helped to banish mould and damp, so it's a good thing there'll be more than enough in this pack of ten to dot around your entire house!

    5. This smart socket means you can time when your electric appliances go on and off, and you can remote-control them via the app too (perfect if you forgot to switch the big light off before you left the house). It's voice-activated too!

    6. These melamine sponges are perfect for tackling everything from the smudges on your wall to the hard water in your shower.

    7. This motion-sensor night light will only go on when you're walking past it, making it perfect for those midnight trips to the loo when you don't want to turn on the main light.

    8. Whether you're camping or just trying to enjoy a BBQ, these fly-repelling citronella candles have got your back.

    9. Clean your silver jewellery *without* leaving any streaks or water marks behind thanks to this genius cloth that distributes pressure really evenly.

    10. This deceptively powerful fan is telescopic, meaning it can fold down into a WFH-friendly desk fan (I know, right?).

    11. Keep spiders and their webs at bay thanks to this long-lasting spider-repelling spray.

    12. If (like me) the thought of cooking on a weeknight is sometimes too much to handle, this microwave-friendly rice cooker is ideal.

    13. You can tell me this earwax-busting irrigation system sounds a little gross, but you can't tell me it doesn't also sound really, really satisfying.

    14. This reusable laundry egg will keep you going for a whopping 70 washes.

    15. I was honestly skeptical of these anti-motion sickness patches until I saw their rave reviews.

    16. If you're sick of that annoying razor rash you get after shaving, this reusable hair-removing crystal delivers silky-smooth results.

    17. This headache-relieving cooling headwrap sounds so, so soothing.

    18. This expandable dish-drying rack is perfect if your draining board is always cluttered.

    19. This travel mug is designed not to fall over.

    20. Going aboard? You might want to decant your liquids into these security-friendly containers.

    21. If you own Airpods, you might want to get your hands on this specially-designed cleaning brush. It contains heads for everything from the socking case to the speakers!

    22. Wave goodbye to softened crips in half-opened packets thanks to this electric resealer. It doubles up as a package cutter!

    23. You can place the packaging of your loaves around the edges of this genius bread bin and pull it up as you make your way through the loaf, meaning your top slice won't be exposed to staleness-inducing oxygen.

    24. Stay comfy on the go with this compact pillow and blanket set.

    25. Plumpen and soften your skin with Palmer's retinol-infused 'Skin Therapy' oil! Reviewers reckon it's reduced the appearance of everything from fine lines to dark circles (yes, please).

    26. Your handbag will always be within sight when you're out and about thanks to these genius hooks. They fold up into portable discs when they're not in use!

    27. Deep-clean the spaces in between your tiles with HG's well-reviewed formula! It'll get to work in a matter of minutes (don't mind me, just adding this to my basket ASAP).

    28. Customers say they haven't looked back after using this absolute steal of a bidet attachment.

    29. I won't lie, I didn't fully trust the 'zero scrubbing required' claim that this mattress-cleaning spray made until its customers vouched for it.

    30. Not only do these thin velvet hangers look luxe AF, but they'll ALSO help to save space in your wardrobe.

    31. This maximum-strength deodorant will last you for several days at a time, so you can be doubly sure you won't be That Person on the tube.

    32. If you want your feet to stay sandal-ready all the time instead of having to anticipate something as chaotic as British weather, I highly recommend this heel salve balm.

    33. Remove any lingering cooking smells with these chef's candles!

    34. Seeing this stain-removing bar of soap from Vanish made me regret all the times I double-washed an item of clothing in an attempt to get rid of a mark.

    35. This extra-strength stain remover will get rid of tough marks (such as red wine, chocolate, and coffee) from your soft furnishings.

    36. This Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder will make your grimiest kitchen utensils look as good as new again, so you'll be motivated to get cooking!

    37. These genius sachets turn used cooking oil solid, so you'll be able to easily clean out your deep fat fryer.

    38. If you own a car, you'll probably be glad you found this digital tyre pressure gauge.

    39. The more I think about this teeny-tiny spatula (and I think about it a lot), the more uses I can find for it.

    40. Shake up your laundry routine *and* save some cash by nabbing these 100% wool tumble dryer balls.

    41. These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for around two weeks at a time! You won't look over one day to discover that your fave ferns have all but turned to dust in the summer heat when you use these.

    42. Settle in for a great night's sleep with this ridiculously highly-rated contoured eye mask! It might just prevent the sunshine from waking you up at 5AM, and it comes with earplugs too.

    43. People love this reusable non-stick baking mat!

    44. Tired of getting those annoying bumps on your legs after shaving? It might be time to try KP's powerful body scrub. It's also great for anyone who has keratosis pilaris!