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    44 Products Us Shopping Writers Keep Sending Into Our Group Chat

    Turns out looking at great products all day can get PRETTY tempting.

    1. This little ceramic hedgehug comes in an adorable matchbox.

    2. We're losing our minds over this touch-activated potato lamp.

    3. If you miss sharing a cuppa with your fave coworker or pal, this letterbox-friendly gift box is teariffic. You can personalise the note inside!

    4. This The Office diary has an iconic (and some might even say inspirational) hardback cover.

    5. You can pop this self-cooling gel insert into your pillow for a more ~chill~ night's sleep.

    6. You can shake up your home exercise routine with these workout cards.

    7. These exfoliating cubes look like lil' watermelon chunks.

    8. This candle holder will be the star of whatever room you put it in.

    9. How relaxing does this lower back massager look?!

    10. This extensive kit contains everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree at home.

    11. This rattan mirror is a sight to behold.

    12. This David Attenborough activity book is doubly soothing.

    13. We're a little bit obsessed with this custard cream bath mat.

    14. These chunky sneakers will go with almost any outfit you pair them with.

    15. We love that this window-shaped mirror looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    16. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and it's recommended to also wear them in public settings where social distancing isn't easy (such as inside shops). This reusable cloth face covering is out of this world!

    17. This Friends mug changes colour when you pour hot liquid into it.

    18. Despite having completely different styles, we somehow all want to own this belted midi dress.

    19. These Miffy socks are ridiculously cute.

    20. These beeaded coasters will leave you buzzing.

    21. We absolutely HAD to pick this retro tote bag.

    22. I mean, the ears of this Dumbo headband ALONE will make it the best thing you've bought all year.

    23. None of us have recovered from finding out that this biscuit-shaped chocolate bar exists – and in case you were wondering, it's 21cm long!

    24. This Lion King notebook looks like a VHS tape (*adds to cart immediately*).

    25. Friends fans will love these slippers.

    26. I absolutely adore this alpaca-shaped planter.

    27. You can iron this beeautiful patch onto any fabric you like (hello, upgraded bags and jackets).

    28. This kitschy wall decoration is just dinomite.

    29. This denim dress is glam AND comfortable (the dream duo, TBH).

    30. These super-soft trousers are comfy enough to feel like pyjamas and pretty enough to wear as a ~lewk~.

    31. This cheetah mug is purrfect.

    32. You can personalise this pull-out photo album for the cutest (and most thoughtful) gift around.

    33. This ceramic pot is just plantastic.

    34. The proceeds from this chocolate card will be donated to NHS Charities Together!

    35. You can put whatever message you like on the label of this candle! Choose from ten incredible scents, including wild fig & cassis, and pink grapefruit & basil.

    36. We're bespotted with this leopard-shaped candle holder.

    37. These floral socks have no right to look as pretty as they do.

    38. And this polka dot dress is sure to stun!

    39. We've had our eyes on this snow cone maker since summer started.

    40. These knitted pastel socks are incredibly pretty.

    41. You can carry this bee revival kit with you wherever you go!

    42. This 'stay cool' towel gets cold whenever you pour water onto it, and it'll stay that way for hours afterwards. Genius, right?

    43. This hippo-shaped ottoman is cute AND useful.

    44. And so are these collapsible colanders! They're completely dishwasher-safe, too.