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    41 Products Under £5 That Are So Popular, They Got Over 10,000 Reviews

    At this point, these purchases are pretty much regret-proof.

    1. Keep kids entertained over the summer holidays (or just channel your own inner artist) with Crayola's felt-tip pens.

    2. Banish any annoying flakes with Nizoral's fast-acting anti-dandruff shampoo.

    3. Reviewers swear by Maybelline's cult-status 'Lash Sensational' mascara, with many saying it doesn't flake or clump!

    4. If the sunlight has been waking you up too early recently, this silky-soft eye mask might just help you to catch some more zzz's.

    5. Keep yourself entertained without any screens by nabbing this deck of Uno cards.

    6. Give yourself an influencer-worthy look with e.l.f.'s 'Lip Lacquer' gloss.

    7. I'm struggling to believe that this wrist-supporting mousepad is under £4, but here we are.

    8. Deeply hydrate your skin with Aveeno's shea butter-infused lotion.

    9. Okay, so L'Oréal's anti-fatigue moisturiser is technically bang-on a fiver and not under it, but it's so highly-rated that I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    10. Anyone who loves crafting will adore this kilo of DAS modelling clay.

    11. Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' mineral powder will keep your makeup in place, even when you're sweating!

    12. This two-pin adapter plug will help you to charge your electric toothbrush or razor!

    13. If you're as obsessed with gel nails as I am, you'll understand why I had to include this soak-off top coat and base coat set!

    14. Cantu's shea butter conditioner is ideal for curly and natural hair.

    15. Makeup lovers, let's just take a moment to appreciate the under-£5 price point on this Real Techniques makeup sponge.

    16. This nifty tablet and vitamin organiser will help you to stay on top of your medications. The compartments can be opened at the press of a button, so you won't have to fiddle with an annoying clasp!

    17. Having used e.l.f.'s eyebrow pencil myself, I completely understand its rave reviews.

    18. Shape your brows in seconds by snapping up these eyebrow razors (you can tackle your peach fuzz with them too!).

    19. You can never have too many dependable AAA batteries (especially when they're as highly-rated as these Duracell ones are).

    20. Keep your iPhone 11 or iPhone XR safe with this triple-pack of tempered glass screen protectors.

    21. If you've been meaning to replace your electric toothbrush head for a while now, consider the ridiculously high ratings for these Oral-B compatible ones to be a sign.

    22. Get rid of any annoying blockages in your drains with HG's powerful unblocker.

    23. This water bottle costs less than one Great British Pound (I know, right?).

    24. This fast-acting cream from Canesten will make athlete's foot a thing of the past.

    25. These reusable stainless steel straws come with a handy cleaning brush and pouch!

    26. Reviewers love the lavender and geranium scent of this 'Faith in Nature' body wash.

    27. These wallet folders will make it easy to stay organised!

    28. These Command hooks make for some seriously smart storage and won't leave any sticky residue behind!

    29. Define your eyes with Rimmel's waterproof kohl pencil.

    30. These four-colour Bic pens work out at less than one pound each.

    31. Not only is this Method spray antibacterial, but it also smells of rhubarb (ugh, the dream).

    32. The rating-to-price ratio of these Samsung earphones is pretty incredible!

    33. You'll end up using this white Blu Tack all the time.

    34. And the same goes for this trusty roll of original Sellotape.

    35. Keep your car smelling zesty with this lemon sherbet-inspired air freshener!

    36. These pastel highlighters work just as well as the regular kinds but look much prettier.

    37. Beauty buffs swear by Garnier's micellar water to remove their makeup gently and effectively.

    38. This grout-reviving pen will make the spaces in between your tiles look as good as new again.

    39. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure evenly, so you'll be less likely to face strain on your scalp or lumps in your hair.

    40. You'll be able to cook omelettes, poached eggs, or scrambled eggs in the microwave with this genius gadget!

    41. Treat your tresses to Garnier's hydrating 'Ultimate Blends' hair mask.

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