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    46 Products Under £4 That Might Just Make 2022 Better

    These will improve everything from your skin to your kitchen!

    1. You can snap up this letterbox-friendly hamper of retro sweets for less than £4.

    2. And this infinity bracelet is seriously charming.

    3. Make sure your bins always get put back in the right place with the help of these personalised stickers.

    4. This fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few satsifying swipes.

    5. Not only will this genius mat protect your crisper drawer from dirt and leaks, it'll help to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer too. I mean, come on.

    6. This resin jewellery tray is a steal at less than £3.

    7. Transform your oldest, grimiest baking trays with this Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder.

    8. Upgrade your stationery sitch with these pastel highlighters.

    9. Keep your hair out of your face while you're doing your skincare or applying makeup with this gorgeous headband!

    10. This mermaid-themed nail polish from Rimmel is simply fintastic.

    11. You can prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle by using this descaler ball. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    12. I find these cat spoons to be highly ameowsing.

    13. Okay, there's no nice way to bring this up, but you know that gross limescale buildup at the base of your loo that regular brushes can't reach? Yeah, that's where this highly-rated pumice stone comes in.

    14. Customers can't get enough of this foxy scarf!

    15. I've tried these incense sticks myself and have been seriously impressed by how great they smell.

    16. Remove soap scum, light limescale, and grease from your shower and sink with this highly effective spray.

    17. Clean and polish your stainless steel surfaces with this specially-designed reusable cloth.

    18. *Finally* hang up that picture you've had lying around for ages with these Command strips.

    19. I'm starting to regret all of the years I lived without this genius onion-chopping tool.

    20. Cleanse *and* exfoliate your face with these silicone scrubbers!

    21. Re-seal your opened packets with these low-hassle food clips.

    22. Customers swear by this nourishing and hydrating hair mask from Garnier.

    23. Exfoliate your skin as you shower with these machine-washable gloves.

    24. Pet owners swear by these scented vacuum cleaner discs to banish any lingering odours.

    25. Remove dust, hair, and more from your clothes or soft furnishings with the help of this lint roller.

    26. Don't mind me, just ordering these facial wax strips from Nair ASAP.

    27. Customers use these plastic can covers to seal everything from opened pet food cans to half-eaten tins of beans.

    28. This washing-up brush has a useful scraper, so you'll be able to tackle that Stain of Shame on your fave pot at last!

    29. Home bakers will seriously appreciate these reusable silicone cupcake cases.

    30. Achieve that oh-so-trendy 'glass skin' look with Rimmel's dewy jelly blush.

    31. Okay, but how gorgeous is this tinted lip balm from Max Factor?!

    32. Make the stains on your sofa a thing of the past with this fabric stain remover.

    33. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    34. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    35. It turns out that the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    36. Don't mind me, just ordering these sweet-shaped highlighters ASAP.

    37. These compostable soap bags will help you to exfoliate your skin.

    38. You can grow your own chilli peppers at home with this incredible kit.

    39. Star Wars fans will adore this light switch decal.

    40. This hyaluronic acid serum is a humectant, meaning that it'll attract moisture to your skin and ensure it stays there.

    41. How stunning is this celestial bookmark?!

    42. This drop-in descaler bag will remove the limescale from your kettle in about ten minutes (yessss).

    43. Some reviewers swear by this soothing lavender essential oil to help them unwind before they go to sleep.

    44. Tackle those annoying spots as and when they arrive by nabbing this fast-acting zit-zapping gel. It contains soothing tea tree oil and decongesting salicylic acid!

    45. You can't go too far wrong with a box of milk chocolate truffles (especially when it only costs £3.50).

    46. These Spontex soap pads combine a deep-cleaning fluid with wire scourers to create the ultimate dirt-busting tool.