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    21 Products To Help Winter-Proof Every Stage Of Your Day

    For everything from your morning commute to your sleeping sitch!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This fleecy duvet cover set will keep you cosy at night.

    Amazon / Via

    It's made from machine-washable teddy fleece that customers say is as soft as it is warming!

    Price: £14.00 for a single bed size – it's also available in double and king bed sizes.

    2. You won't have to face a fogged-up windshield in the morning thanks to this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    Amazon / Via

    It'll draw the excess moisture out of your car's air, helping to decrease condensation. When it's full, the spot on its side will change colour – after that, you can microwave it for six minutes before it's good to go again!

    Price: £6.99.

    3. Love to light a fire in the evenings? This specially-designed ash vacuum will help you to clean your grate the morning after a winter blaze, and it has a leaf-blowing function too!

    Amazon / Via

    Cleaning out your fireplace with a brush or scoop can take forever, and it's really messy too. Customers love how fast-acting and effective this 15-litre ash vacuum cleaner is!

    Price: £45.00.

    4. Let's face it, the UK is a pretty soggy place. This water-repelling solution will help to keep your windshield clear while you're commuting in the rain!

    Amazon / Via

    Apply the solution straight onto your windshield, allow it to dry, and then buff the surface with a cloth. Reviewers have been stunned by how long-lasting and effective this treatment is!

    Price: £5.00.

    5. It can be hard to air-dry clothes in the winter, and tumble dryers often create those annoying bobbles on your clothes. This easy-to-use fabric comb will prep your clothes perfectly before you get dressed!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    This comb works exactly as you'd expect – simply run it over your clothes and it'll pick up and remove bobbles as it goes. Customers love how quickly and effectively it transforms their fave items of clothing!

    Price: £2.99.

    6. Enjoy a shower without having to look at the Dreaded Patch on your ceiling by nabbing this highly-rated mould removal spray.

    Amazon / Via

    Spray it onto your walls, tiles, grouting, or ceiling, and then leave it for about half an hour to work its mould-busting magic. After that, you can just wipe the residue away to reveal a cleaner, mould-free surface underneath!

    Price: £5.00.

    7. If the cold weather is making your lips chapped and dry, it's a good idea to apply this O'Keeffe's repair balm throughout the day.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    Users say that this balm absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave behind any thick, greasy residue on their lips. It's designed to actually stay put once you've applied it (even after you eat or drink!).

    Price: £3.25.

    8. Make your trips to the supermarket easier thanks to this anti-fog spray. It'll prevent your glasses from misting up, which is especially handy while you're wearing a face covering!

    Amazon / Via

    Simply spray this stuff over your lenses, let it dry, and then rinse it off – you'll have fog-proof specs in no time! It's actually designed for scuba divers, so you know it's got to be good (but in case you need even more convincing, customers have given this spray a 4.1-star average rating from 3,059 reviews!).

    Price: £5.55.

    9. Maybelline's Lash Sensational waterproof mascara has a huge cult following for a reason – if its rave reviews are anything to go by, it looks like this stuff really doesn't budge so you won't have to top it up an hour into your work day.

    Amazon / Via

    Its smudge-proof formula will define and enhance your lashes (including those tiny ones at the edge of your eyes). Its inky formula has a low wax content meaning that it won't leave any clumps behind, and customers say that it stays put no matter how watery their eyes get.

    Price: £5.89.

    10. Whether you're more of a morning or evening person when it comes to outdoor exercise, this torch hat will seriously come in handy during the dark winter months.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    The fabric is really breathable, and customers love how simple it is to adjust or switch off the lamp — there's a large button in the centre of the light that's incredibly easy to access. It's got three brightness settings!

    Price: £11.99.

    11. You might have noticed that your skin gets drier in the colder months drier in the colder months thanks to a combination of the harsh climate and central heating. Winter-proof your skincare routine with this hyaluronic acid serum!

    Amazon / Via

    It binds to the water that's already in your skin to make sure it can't escape. Rather than just sitting on top of your face like some moisturisers can, this hyaluronic acid hydrates you from the inside out!

    Price: £6.50.

    12. Your home probably needs all the light it can get now that it's dark at 5:30PM, which is why this motion sensor-enabled strip is such a great buy.

    Amazon / Via

    Attach the tape-covered strip to whatever surface you like and then mount its battery pack nearby for a long-lasting and subtle result. You can choose between motion sensor and manual modes once it's installed! Customers say the light fits seamlessly under a variety of different objects, from shelves to cupboards and bed frames.

    Price: £7.99 for 1m.

    13. If the cold weather is literally proving to be a pain in the neck, this compact massage ball provides an inexpensive solution. I use mine to unwind at the end of the day!

    Amazon / Via

    It's small enough to fit in your handbag, and its 360° reach means you'll be able to tackle aches across most parts of your body!

    Price: £9.49.

    14. Make your evening Netflix binges even better thanks to this warming combination blanket and hoodie.

    Amazon / Via

    Its fleecy material is 100% machine-washable!

    Price: £18.99 – it's one size fits all.

    15. Leave your shoes in one of these trays once you come in from work, school, or a supermarket run. They'll protect your carpet from mud stains and water marks!

    Amazon / Via

    Pop them into your wardrobe or leave them out by the door and they'll catch any water or muck that's gathered at the base of your shoes.

    Price: £14.99 for three.

    16. These gorgeous gloves are completely touchscreen-friendly, so you won't have to keep one hand cold while you're scrolling outdoors.


    Stay cosy AND connected with these lil' phone-friendly gloves! They're made from a wool-blend material that'll keep you seriously toasty, and their design is frankly adorable.

    Price: £8.99 – they're one size fits all.

    17. You'll wake up feeling ~refreshed~ thanks to this highly-rated sunrise-simulating alarm clock.

    Amazon / Via

    This genius clock will start to brighten up half an hour before its alarm goes off, giving you a gentler, more natural start to the day. With radio, snooze, and colour-changing functions, it seems like there's basically nothing that this highly-rated alarm clock can't do!

    Price: £28.99.

    18. Make sure that your feet don't freeze the second you get out of bed by wearing these fleece-lined memory foam slippers.

    Amazon / Via

    According to the reviews, these bad boys are as cosy as they are cute.

    Price: £14.44 – they're available in UK shoe sizes 3/4-9/10.

    19. Whether you're heading to school or commuting, this waterproof cover will help to protect your rucksack's contents from rain and splashes. It's got reflective strips too, making it ideal for cyclists and pedestrians!

    Amazon / Via

    You can choose from a standard size (up to 36 litres) or an extra-large size (40-50 litres). It comes in a variety of different colours too, from navy to orange and silver, and it's really easy to use – just pop it over your bag and adjust its toggles for a snug fit! Customers have been wowed by how effectively this cover protects their rucksack from the rain.

    Price: £7.90 for a standard size.

    20. This power bank will charge your phone on the go, and it works as a reusable hand warmer as well. Um, why am I only finding out about this now?!

    Amazon / Via

    It comes with three adjustable heat modes – but don't worry, its thermostat prevents it from overheating. You'll get up to eight hours of charging or hand-warming from one three-hour charge!

    Price: £19.99.

    21. And last but most definitely not least, this brilliantly-designed brolly is perfect for literally any time you want to head outside.

    Amazon / Via

    It folds into a V shape so that the dry underside flips out. That means it won't soak your car seat! Customers love how quickly and easily it unfurls and shuts, and you'll no longer have to worry about your umbrella dripping all over the floor of the supermarket next time you do your food shop.

    Price: £20.00.

    You after buying these bad boys: