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    21 Products To Help Winter-Proof Every Stage Of Your Day

    For everything from your morning commute to your sleeping sitch!

    1. This fleecy duvet cover set will keep you cosy at night.

    2. You won't have to face a fogged-up windshield in the morning thanks to this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    3. Love to light a fire in the evenings? This specially-designed ash vacuum will help you to clean your grate the morning after a winter blaze, and it has a leaf-blowing function too!

    4. Let's face it, the UK is a pretty soggy place. This water-repelling solution will help to keep your windshield clear while you're commuting in the rain!

    5. It can be hard to air-dry clothes in the winter, and tumble dryers often create those annoying bobbles on your clothes. This easy-to-use fabric comb will prep your clothes perfectly before you get dressed!

    6. Enjoy a shower without having to look at the Dreaded Patch on your ceiling by nabbing this highly-rated mould removal spray.

    7. If the cold weather is making your lips chapped and dry, it's a good idea to apply this O'Keeffe's repair balm throughout the day.

    8. Make your trips to the supermarket easier thanks to this anti-fog spray. It'll prevent your glasses from misting up, which is especially handy while you're wearing a face covering!

    9. Maybelline's Lash Sensational waterproof mascara has a huge cult following for a reason – if its rave reviews are anything to go by, it looks like this stuff really doesn't budge so you won't have to top it up an hour into your work day.

    10. Whether you're more of a morning or evening person when it comes to outdoor exercise, this torch hat will seriously come in handy during the dark winter months.

    11. You might have noticed that your skin gets drier in the colder months drier in the colder months thanks to a combination of the harsh climate and central heating. Winter-proof your skincare routine with this hyaluronic acid serum!

    12. Your home probably needs all the light it can get now that it's dark at 5:30PM, which is why this motion sensor-enabled strip is such a great buy.

    13. If the cold weather is literally proving to be a pain in the neck, this compact massage ball provides an inexpensive solution. I use mine to unwind at the end of the day!

    14. Make your evening Netflix binges even better thanks to this warming combination blanket and hoodie.

    15. Leave your shoes in one of these trays once you come in from work, school, or a supermarket run. They'll protect your carpet from mud stains and water marks!

    16. These gorgeous gloves are completely touchscreen-friendly, so you won't have to keep one hand cold while you're scrolling outdoors.

    17. You'll wake up feeling ~refreshed~ thanks to this highly-rated sunrise-simulating alarm clock.

    18. Make sure that your feet don't freeze the second you get out of bed by wearing these fleece-lined memory foam slippers.

    19. Whether you're heading to school or commuting, this waterproof cover will help to protect your rucksack's contents from rain and splashes. It's got reflective strips too, making it ideal for cyclists and pedestrians!

    20. This power bank will charge your phone on the go, and it works as a reusable hand warmer as well. Um, why am I only finding out about this now?!

    21. And last but most definitely not least, this brilliantly-designed brolly is perfect for literally any time you want to head outside.

    You after buying these bad boys: