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    22 Products To Help Solve Common Problems In British Homes

    It's time to wave goodbye to the condensation on your windows!

    1. If your wooden surfaces are always covered in mugs, chances are that they're looking a little worse for wear by now. This specially-designed furniture restorer will get rid of the ring marks and water stains that your cups can leave behind!

    2. Obsessed with GBBO? Make sure that you don't burn yourself while baking by using these silicone oven shields.

    3. And if your oven usage is especially heavy, this deep-cleaning kit has got your back. It'll totally transform your grimiest appliance!

    4. Whether you live in an older home or share a flat, your bathroom is likely to need a little more storage. This space-saving corner caddy has self-adhesive pads on its sides, so you won't need any tools to install it!

    5. Supermarket promos on fresh produce can be irresistible, but they're not much use if the food doesn't actually last. This genius fridge liner will keep your crisper drawer clean AND ensure your fruit and veg stays fresher for longer!

    6. If the dreaded "are you sitting on the remote?" question is asked all too frequently in your household, this handy organiser is well worth a try.

    7. This knotted rope doormat doesn't just look good – its textured material will help you to scrape off the mud from your shoes after a soggy walk too!

    8. Sometimes it feels like life consists solely of readjusting your sagging sofa cushions, sitting on them, and then having to plump them up again in an endless loop of mild inconvenience. Don't worry, though – this highly-rated sofa saver is here to break the cycle!

    9. If you can trace the usual trek from your kitchen to your living room by the tea-stained marks you've left on the carpet, this powerful stain remover will help to remove the evidence.

    10. Prevent your bins from being put back in the wrong place by using these (impressively cheap) personalised stickers.

    11. The UK is a pretty soggy place, and mould really thrives in colder, wetter conditions. Thankfully, this highly-rated remover spray is here to help!

    12. Cook your fave Nigella recipes without adding bulk to your cupboards by nabbing this collapsible colander.

    13. Limescale can build up in any water-heavy area in your home, so it's a good thing that this fast-acting descaler spray is so great at its job.

    14. And if you want to tackle your shower issues at their source, this clever screw-on head will draw out the limescale from your water before it even reaches the jets.

    15. Keep your cups organised with this under-the-shelf mug holder.

    16. Having to WFH right now? This cable tidy box will keep those annoying wires out of sight when you're off the clock.

    17. Tackle the hard-to-clean mineral buildup on your tap's spout by using this descaler gadget.

    18. Banish excess moisture from your air with these absorbent dehumidifiers. You can station them around your home to help prevent damp and condensation!

    19. Ensure your cuppas stay scum-free with this drop-in kettle descaler bag.

    20. Anyone who loves a good roast dinner will understand why this protective oven liner is such a smart buy. It'll protect the base of your cooker from grease, spills, and stains!

    21. Speaking of which, these freezer-safe zip-seal bags are a great way to store single portions of your leftovers for another day!

    22. And last but most definitely not least, this clever mug means you won't have to wash a cup *and* a saucer every time you want some biscuits with your cuppa.

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