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    17 Useful Products To Help Make Cold, Rainy Weather A Bit More Bearable

    Banish those miserable weather blues.

    1. A heated seat cover will make your car feel toasty in minutes.

    2. This umbrella won't turn inside out in the wind.

    3. Try this waterproofing spray if you're sick of your fave shoes getting ruined.

    4. This heated cushion is portable, so you can bring it to the office no problem.

    5. You honestly can't go wrong with a really comfy cardigan.

    6. Want more cosy nights in? This mini projector will give you full-size results and connects to your smartphone as well as your laptop.

    7. Come home to some hearty winter food with this slow cooker that sears as well as stews, so you won't have to brown your mince in a separate pan.

    8. Got cold hands but still want to scroll through Instagram? You can use your phone through these gloves!

    9. This electric blanket will keep you toasty.

    10. Your makeup will stay in place whatever the weather with this NYX setting spray.

    11. Your lips won't dry out with this Laneige lip sleeping mask.

    12. This bag is 100% waterproof, and it folds into a small pocket too.

    13. Some John Frieda moisture barrier spray for your hair will help to shield your locks from the elements.

    14. Mould is a really common problem in winter – this mould removal spray will help to get rid of it.

    15. This vacuum-insulated mug won't get cold or leak.

    16. This phone holder for your bike has a transparent waterproof screen for your phone.

    17. Lastly, some O'Keeffe's hand cream will stop your skin from drying out.