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    24 Products To Help You Finally Master Working From Home

    Because at this point, slouching at your kitchen table just ain't cutting it.

    1. This adjustable bed desk might just change the way you work from home.

    2. Okay, I know this sounds pretty obvious, but getting a good night's sleep is an incredibly effective way to improve your WFH experience. This inexpensive kit is here to help you catch some z's for less!

    3. Block the blue light from your screens with these clever glasses.

    4. Make sure you don't have to look at a tangled mess of cords all day by nabbing this clever cable tidy.

    5. Live with people who don't always appreciate your working hours? This handy 'do not disturb' sign might just become your new BFF.

    6. This waterproof desk mat will keep your surfaces scuff and spill-free. Remove it at the end of the working day to reclaim your kitchen table or desk!

    7. I don't like to cook lunch when I'm WFH, because 1) that is TOO much effort and 2) I like to separate housework from work work. These reusable zip-seal bags are freezer-safe, so they're perfect for storing single portions of your leftovers from the night before!

    8. Feel like you're spending too much time sitting down, or just want to move your WFH base throughout the day? This adjustable laptop stand is here to help!

    9. This self-adhesive soundproofing strip will keep whatever room you're working in quiet, and it can prevent pesky draughts too.

    10. I don't know about you, but I still end up rushing in the mornings even without having to commute. This egg cooker allows you to enjoy a healthy breakfast hassle-free!

    11. This supportive V-shaped pillow is ideal for pretty much anybody who wants to sit up in bed.

    12. I've owned these noise-cancelling headphones for over a year now and they still work just as well as they did when I first got them. They're a great way to shut the world out while you're WFH!

    13. These pastel highlighters will make taking notes about 150% more enjoyable.

    14. Your unofficial WFH outfit just isn't complete without a great pair of joggers, so it's a good thing that these highly-rated ones are so inexpensive.

    15. This flip-straw water bottle has time markers on its side, so it's perfect if you forget to stay hydrated during the work day.

    16. Transition your mood from stressed to relaxed with these appealling squeeze toys.

    17. Relax your muscles after a day of hunching over a keyboard with this highly-rated roller.

    18. This tear-off pad is designed to help you achieve your goals every day.

    19. Improve your posture while *also* making your chair more comfortable by nabbing this memory foam cushion.

    20. This resistance band is an easy workout tool that you can keep on hand to help you exercise even while you're doing your work.

    21. Staring at screens all day gives me a lot of headaches, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. This highly-rated 4head stick claims to work its magic in just two minutes!

    22. This motivational mouse pad really says it all.

    23. Keep your desk tangle-free by using these handy cable clips.

    24. This cleaning putty will help you clean the gaps in between your keyboard keys in no time, and it's super satisfying to use as well.

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