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    I Have A Disgusting, Neverending Cold – Here Are The Products Getting Me Through It

    Shoutout to the million Clinell wipes I've gotten through in the past week.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I have decided to make my current horrible cold the entire internet's problem (sorry, but what's the point if you don't get to complain a little?). Despite mostly moping around and feeling sorry for myself for the last week, I *have* found some products that make it a little easier – here's 17 recommendations if you, too, are suffering through the sniffles right now.

    1. I can only apologise to my flatmates, who haven't seen me in anything but this blanket hoodie for the last week or so.

    2. You know that dry, luminous red skin you get on the side of your nose when you're sick? Yeah, Weleda's Skin Food is the only moisturiser I've found that actually helps.

    3. You can never have too many disposable face masks to hand, which is why this 100-pack is such a steal.

    4. This reusable and microwavable heat pad has got my back (literally) through all my cold-related aches and pains.

    5. And this levomenthol-infused stick relieves me of my headache symptoms in just a couple of minutes (I was skeptical too, but having tried it, I don't think I'll ever look back).

    6. And the same goes for this triple-pack of hand sanitisers.

    7. This essential oil diffuser doubles up as an airway-clearing, moisture-adding humidifier.

    8. O'Keeffe's moisturising hand cream has saved my skin from the flaky dryness that constant hand-washing inevitably cuases.

    9. And this Aquaphor lip balm will deeply hydrate your lips as well.

    10. While I'm definitely not enjoying my cold, credit where it's due: it's really strengthened my relationship with my oh-so-satisfying head massager.

    11. This light-blocking sleep mask has an adjustable wire in its nose, making it perfect for all those midday naps I've been taking (editor, please pretend you didn't read that).

    12. Catching a cold dries my skin out so much that I effectively become Lady Cassandra from Dr. Who (that one who always says moisturise meeeee). Instead of getting a servant to spritz me with water though, I've been hydrating myself with e.l.f.'s coconut-infused mist – nowhere near as dramatic, but I find it just as effective.

    13. Vicks' 'First Defence' spray is designed to prevent common colds from forming in the first place, so it's a great thing to have on hand now that everyone seems to have a sniffle. Having used it successfully before, I've spent every day of the past week kicking myself for not reaching for it sooner!

    14. One of these Oral B-compatible heads is heading *straight* onto my toothbrush the second I start feeling better.

    15. I've never been gladder to have bought the iconic Instant Pot than I have been recently — I just chuck some ingredients in it before I start my day and tuck into a low-hassle soup in the evening.

    16. The reviews for these Clinell disinfectant wipes are so good, they're pretty much regret-proof.