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    If Last Week Was A Write-Off, These 28 Helpful Products Might Make This One More Bearable

    Let's all agree that the first week of November doesn't count.

    1. If you've been starting each day with a soggy, condensation-filled windshield, then I'm not surprised you've been feeling a little blegh (why is the damp so ennui-inducing?). This sub-£4 pad has got your back!

    2. Keep your duvet in place all night long (yes, even if you share with a serial sheet snactcher) by nabbing these genius bed clips.

    3. Prevent those passive-aggressive "has anyone seen my charger?" moments with this pack of 24 specially-designed cable labels.

    4. And if your cycles home have been a soaked-saddle, hover-and-pedal scenario this week, then I'd like to gently remind you that you don't have to live this way – especially when this pair of protectors are under £4.

    5. Hold off on those emergency supermarket runs with these ethylene-absorbing discs that keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

    6. These poacher bags will make it easier to cook up the perfect egg without those annoying wispy egg white tendrils clouding up your pan!

    7. This highly-detailed adult colouring book is the perfect way to let off steam after that meeting that could have been a very short email.

    8. Put an end to headaches with this highly-rated levomenthol relief stick, which claims to reduce symptoms in just two minutes.

    9. Saving money by making your own dinner is always good, but doing so with this microwaveable rice cooker that gets home-cooked food on the table in minutes is even better.

    10. And speaking of cooking, chopping veg with a really sharp knife is absolutely (and I don't think this is going too far) thrilling. This easy-to-use knife sharpener makes that way, way more likely to happen.

    11. Walking effortlessly through the turnstile with zero fumbling just got easier thanks to this card wallet that sticks to the back of your phone.

    12. Is there any greater joy than getting your eyeliner perfect on the first try? These handy stamp pens were designed for the job.

    13. Arriving to work or school with dry shoes even though it's raining outside is an incredible feeling that this waterproofing spray is designed to create.

    14. Find a matching pair of socks in no time when you're getting ready with this honeycomb drawer organiser.

    15. Come back home to discover you haven't left your phone charger on all day for no reason with these timer sockets.

    16. Hop into an already-warm bed (a truly elite experience) with this ridiculously highly-rated electric blanket.

    17. Catch up on your shows in bed or fall asleep to your fave podcast without earphones sticking into your ears with this Bluetooth headphone band.

    18. These drop-down hangers are perfect for anyone who's ever thought "wow, for someone with almost no storage, I sure do have a lot of clothes". They'll help you to plan your work outfits in advance too!

    19. Make sure you know whose bin is whose on your street with these personalised bin stickers, which get delivered through your letterbox via Royal Mail.

    20. These sound-absorbing dots will help to muffle the loud banging noise that old drawers love to make when you're grabbing a spoon for your 2am snack.

    21. This dishwasher magnet will let you know whether or not the load inside is clean or dirty.

    22. You can buy these insanely highly-rated earplugs to reduce the sound of everything from snoring to music to those half-audible conversations your upstairs neighbours keep having.

    23. This memory foam pillow will help you achieve a better night's sleep (honestly the best mood booster around).

    24. I've been wearing this blanket hoodie nonstop ever since it started getting dark before 6PM.

    25. I sleep ridiculously soundly with this absolute steal of a 6kg weighted blanket.

    26. If (like me) your workday duties have turned you into an accidental serial plant killer, this water-saving gel has got your back.

    27. I bought this Bialetti espresso maker as an attempt to replace my morning coffee from the office's machine, and was delighted to discover that it makes even better cuppas than I used to drink at work.

    28. And for those mornings where I need good coffee without any cleaning, this easy-to-clean Hario coffee dripper has been a lifesaver.

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