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    19 Products That Will Help Deep Clean The Grossest Parts Of Your Kitchen

    Scrubadubdub babyyy!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Descaler to get the limescale out of your kettle.

    Amazon / Via

    Limescale can ruin a cup of tea, which is just about the worst thing anyone can do. This drop-in descaler is really handy for blasting through the buildup in your kettle, and it works its magic in about 10 minutes.

    Price: £9 for a pack of six.

    2. This really thorough oven cleaner.

    Amazon / Via

    Ovens can get really, really gross pretty fast. Oil, smells, and general grime pile on quickly, especially if you cook a lot! Power though the gunk with this oven cleaner, which is super heavy-duty.

    Price: £6.61.

    3. Some mould remover, for that slightly gross patch in the corner of the ceiling.

    Amazon / Via

    Mould is a really common problem, especially in rooms that are a bit damp (colder weather is NOT your friend here.) If you've got The Dreaded Patch, this mould remover can help you cut through it, and it works to clear your grouting, too. Reviewers say this one is really effective.

    Price: £7.49.

    4. Degreaser to cut through those sticky surfaces.

    Amazon / Via

    Kitchens can be oily places, and if you've ever tried to scrub the sticky stuff away, you'll know that it can be really hard to clean. Save yourself some time and effort with this highly reviewed purpose-built degreaser!

    Price: £4.42.

    5. A really thin, flexible duster to get to those hard-to-reach areas (the gap below the fridge is about to be CLEANED.)

    Amazon / Via

    The space between the oven and the counter, the gap under the fridge, and loads of other awkward lil' nooks can become traps for dirt and dust. This brush is great for reaching those difficult places (plus, imagine the slightly icky satisfaction.)

    Price: £12.99.

    6. This fridge cleaner and deodoriser, which will freshen that stuff up.

    Amazon / Via

    Fridges can get real gross real fast, especially if there's more than one person using them. This cleaner is great for getting through stains and spillages, and some people say it gets rid of strong smells, too.

    Price: £2.97.

    7. Get rid of those pesky watermarks and stubborn stains with these Magic Eraser sponges.

    Amazon / Via

    There are definitely more annoying things in life than watermarks, but there might not be very many more annoying things in your kitchen. Get rid of them with these Magic Eraser sponges, which have great reviews.

    Price: £5.76 for a pack of 10.

    8. Some microfibre cloths, which clean and polish difficult surfaces without leaving streaks.

    Amazon / Via

    Cleaning your kitchen is really satisfying, but streaky metal from where you've wiped down your surfaces? Yeah, not so much. Get that streak-free goodness with some microfibre cloths, which are great for glass and ceramic surfaces, too.

    Price: £6.46 for a pack of 10.

    9. Some eco-friendly pot brushes for those really manky pan stains.

    Amazon / Via

    Burnt-on stains and grime can ruin your fave pots if you don't know how to remove them, and just cleaning mildly-stained pots can be annoying too if you haven't got the right tools. This pot scrubber is really good for getting through burn stains, and it's great for cast iron pans too.

    Price: £10.99 for two.

    10. Some metal cleaner if you're serious about keeping that stuff shiny.

    Amazon / Via

    If you're a bit obsessive about sparkling kitchens (I'm with you bud), then it's worth looking into some stainless steel cleaner, which is specifically designed to keep it shining. Customers say this one doesn't leave streaks!

    Price: £13.99.

    11. These wire scourers are perfect if you want to seriously get into your cleaning.

    Amazon / Via

    Get that crust off your baking trays with these wire scourers, which are just really, really good at their job.

    Price: £9.99 for a pack of 12.

    12. Marigold gloves, because this deep cleaning stuff is very, very real.

    Amazon / Via

    Chemicals and abrasive materials (like scourers) can be tough on your hands, and we can pretty much guarantee that you don't want to get grime stuck under your fingernails either. Some reviewers say these are really strong and last for ages!

    Price: £10.71 for six pairs.

    13. A really cute cleaner that loosens the stains in your microwave in minutes.

    Amazon / Via

    Microwaves are really handy, but if you're not careful, they can become splattered and stained super quickly. This lil' lady works by steaming your microwave (you just fill it with water and vinegar, then turn the microwave on). It's a v effective (and fast) way to loosen up the gunk!

    Price: £4.99.

    14. Some flat glass cloths, because cloudy and streaky glasses are just not a good look.

    Amazon / Via

    Glass has a reputation for being hard to clean, but if you use the right tools, it's actually not that bad. This glass cloth is completely flat, meaning there are no awkward fibres to rub off on your wine glasses and no uneven surfaces that help create streaks.

    Price: £5.99 for a pack of two.

    15. The Pink Stuff Cleaner, which is a multipurpose hero (and it's Kim Woodburn-approved.)

    Amazon / Via

    This cream cleaner just does it (and I mean this) all. Because it's got abrasive cleaning grit suspended in a cleaning gel, it's really great at lifting stains from your grill, barbecues, saucepans, tiles, and discoloured and rusty metal.

    Price: £4.15.

    16. This drain cleaner, which has really high reviews.

    Amazon / Via

    Loads of food, coffee grounds, and other debris ends up in your sink, so it's no wonder clogged drains are such a common problem. This drain cleaner not only helps to unclog them, it makes your plug holes smell better, too!

    Price: £6 for a pack of two.

    17. Biodegradable bags for when you're a bit sick of the state of your compost bin.

    Amazon / Via

    Composting is a really great thing to do for the environment, but it can be a really gross thing to do for your bins. If you want to stay eco-friendly while keeping your bins fresh, these biodegradable bin bags are perfect! Customers say these ones are really strong.

    Price: £8.99 for 150 bags.

    18. A microfiber mop which will clean floor tiles without soaking your kitchen.

    Amazon / Via

    Loads of little spills and stains end up on your kitchen floor, and they're really annoying. It's not always worth whipping out a string mop and bucket, though, and drying the floor can take forever. This one dries really quickly, and it dusts your floors while you mop (the microfiber heads are washable too!)

    Price: £19.47.

    19. And finally, some wood polish to keep those floorboards looking fresh.

    Amazon / Via

    There's nothing more disappointing than slightly sad wooden floors, and nothing much better than fresh, properly polished ones. This wood polish is really highly-reviewed!

    Price: £11.50.