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    19 Products That Will Help Deep Clean The Grossest Parts Of Your Kitchen

    Scrubadubdub babyyy!

    1. Descaler to get the limescale out of your kettle.

    2. This really thorough oven cleaner.

    3. Some mould remover, for that slightly gross patch in the corner of the ceiling.

    4. Degreaser to cut through those sticky surfaces.

    5. A really thin, flexible duster to get to those hard-to-reach areas (the gap below the fridge is about to be CLEANED.)

    6. This fridge cleaner and deodoriser, which will freshen that stuff up.

    7. Get rid of those pesky watermarks and stubborn stains with these Magic Eraser sponges.

    8. Some microfibre cloths, which clean and polish difficult surfaces without leaving streaks.

    9. Some eco-friendly pot brushes for those really manky pan stains.

    10. Some metal cleaner if you're serious about keeping that stuff shiny.

    11. These wire scourers are perfect if you want to seriously get into your cleaning.

    12. Marigold gloves, because this deep cleaning stuff is very, very real.

    13. A really cute cleaner that loosens the stains in your microwave in minutes.

    14. Some flat glass cloths, because cloudy and streaky glasses are just not a good look.

    15. The Pink Stuff Cleaner, which is a multipurpose hero (and it's Kim Woodburn-approved.)

    16. This drain cleaner, which has really high reviews.

    17. Biodegradable bags for when you're a bit sick of the state of your compost bin.

    18. A microfiber mop which will clean floor tiles without soaking your kitchen.

    19. And finally, some wood polish to keep those floorboards looking fresh.