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    21 Useful Products That Might Make You Actually Want To Do Chores

    These things will help make housework work for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This duster will fit all your nooks and crannies!

    Amazon / Via

    This microfibre duster has a bendable top that you can adjust to different angles, and it's telescopic as well, meaning the pole retracts for easy storage! You can unclip the head for a smaller duster too, and the fluffy part is machine-washable.

    Price: £14.59.

    2. These laundry bags will keep your clothes together in the washing machine (don't worry, soap and water will flow through the material no problem!)

    Amazon / Via

    These laundry bags come in multipacks with five different sizes, meaning you can fit clothes of all sizes in one load. They're made from porous, breathable polyester, so water will run through it easily. They'll help your fancy bras keep their shape in the wash and prevent tangling as well!

    Price: £6.99 for five bags.

    3. Got pet hair everywhere? Try this pet hair roller, which is completely reusable!

    Amazon / Via

    This roller is totally reusable, and customers say it's really sticky too. The pet hair rolls back into a compartment so you can easily empty it, and it works on loads of different soft surfaces. It comes in two colours, blue and white!

    Price: £12.99.

    4. This gorge tote bag will make you actually want to do your grocery shop.

    Amazon / Via

    Its corduroy material makes this bag really durable, and it's big enough to carry plenty of shopping! This bag is available in five different colours, and customers love how pretty and practical it is.

    Price: £5.60 - £7.30 depending on colour.

    5. Organise your chores with this diary which has tearaway shopping lists...

    Amazon / Via

    This diary runs from August 2019 until December 2020, so it's got you covered for the next year. It contains tearaway shopping lists, daily comment boxes, and (I cannot stress this enough) stickers.

    Price: £14.99.

    6. ...or with this magnetic whiteboard, which is really easy to wipe down.

    Amazon / Via

    You can pop this magnetic board on your fridge no problem, and it's got handy lil' sections for everyday notes, and bigger compartments for miscellaneous notes. It comes with three markers which are non-toxic and really easy to wipe off.

    Price: £9.98.

    7. This magnetic double-sided glass cleaner will get both sides of your windows at once!

    Amazon / Via

    This cleaner comes with a rope, so you won't lose one half of it out your window. It's strong enough to stick together through double glass, and the material that lines each magnet won't leave streaks on your glass!

    Price: £21.99.

    8. Always forget to water your plants? These aqua globes have got your back!

    Amazon / Via

    These globe waterers are kind of genius. When the soil of your plant dries out, it releases oxygen which fills these globes and pushes out the exact amount of water your plant needs! You'll never need to worry about over or under-watering your plants with this pack of four.

    Price: £4.99 for four.

    9. Save time on chopping veg (probably the most tedious part of cooking) with a mandolin.

    Amazon / Via

    With six different blades, this mandolin will let you chop all kinds of fruit and veg to your preferred size and shape in seconds. Customers love how easy it is to remove and wash the blades from this thing, and it comes with a holder that sticks into whatever you're chopping to help protect your hands.

    Price: £8.85.

    10. Is your bin full of that nasty bin juice stuff? Try some Bin Buddy powder, which works kind of like kitty litter but for your bin bag.

    Amazon / Via

    If your bin bag regularly gets filled with stinky leaks, this powder could really help you out. It absorbs all the moisture in your liner, and its citronella scent will help to repel flies as well!

    Price: £3.49.

    11. This mini dustpan and brush set is perfect for windowsills, behind your taps, along your toaster, and more. It's so adorable you'll want to use it all the time!

    Amazon / Via

    This lil' dustpan and brush is the perfect way to get at the little hard-to-reach areas in your home. They come with a little pack of labels, so you know which brush to use where!

    Price: £4.79 for a pack of five.

    12. Some bottle cleaning tablets will take all the hassle out of cleaning your thermal flasks and bottles.

    Amazon / Via

    These eco-friendly, biodegradable tablets dissolve in your water bottle for easy cleaning. Customers say it leaves their flasks and bottles really fresh!

    Price: £6.49 for 20 tablets.

    13. Get all the gunk out of your microwave with this slightly sweet, slightly terrifying Angry Mother cleaner!

    Amazon / Via

    Just add some water, vinegar, and a bit of lemon juice to this thing, whack it it the microwave, and let it run for a couple of minutes. The steam it releases will loosen the grime from the sides of your microwave so you can wipe it down really easily!

    Price: £2.90.

    14. Get rid of food smells with this adorable fridge deodoriser.

    Amazon / Via

    This lil' penguin will get rid of smells from your fridge! It works by absorbing bad smells via small holes which lead to a baking powder-filled centre. This thing is really easy to wash because it pulls apart no problem!

    Price: £10.

    15. You can tell me this Tubshroom doesn't look satisfying to use, but I won't believe you.

    Amazon / Via

    If you have long hair or even just share your shower with other people, this Tubshroom can be really helpful. It traps all the hair and debris going down your drains, so you can easily pull all that stuff out in one go! (Don't worry, it's easy to clean – just wipe this thing down when it's full!)

    Price: £5.41.

    16. This heated airing rack will dry your clothes out in a jiffy.

    Amazon / Via

    If you don't have a tumble dryer, getting your clothes dry fast enough to avoid that musty smell is a real struggle. Not only will this heated rack speed the process up, it'll make your clothes feel really toasty and cosy too!

    Price: £44.99.

    17. You won't have to scoop out mess from this kitty litter – instead, you can just sift it with the perforated layer included.

    Amazon / Via

    Rather than spending ages scooping individual messes from your cat's tray, consider buying one of these bad boys instead, which allow you to sift the litter through holes in a perforated layer while the mess stays on top. Then, just tip all that stuff in the bin!

    Price: £16.99.

    18. If you're going to clean your oven, make it easy with one of these Teflon mats, which catch crumbs, grease, and more.

    Amazon / Via

    You can wash these mats like a plate with washing-up liquid when they're used up! These mats can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C degrees.

    Price: £6.76 for a pack of two.

    19. You can fold clothes really uniformly in no time with this board – it works equally well for all kinds of clothing!

    Amazon / Via

    Just place whatever you want to fold on this board and flip the sections over to get those perfect, crisp folds literally in seconds! Plus, because this thing folds your clothes really neatly and compactly, it'll give you more space in your wardrobe.

    Price: £8.21.

    20. This pretty bento box will make you way more ready to prepare lunch.

    Amazon / Via

    Eating out can add up! This pretty bento box can help motivate you to make your lunches at home. It's easy to clean because the compartments are fully removable, and you'll save plastic as well as money by using it.

    Price: £13.99.

    21. Finally, this mop has an effective (and kind of fun?) spinning device in its bucket to help you drain your mop really easily.

    Amazon / Via

    String mops can get stinky and fester in your bucket, but this microfibre one solves that problem! Just plunge the mop down to power the spinning drain mechanism and voila, you have a drier mop in no time (your floors will be dried faster too!)

    Price: £9.97.