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    21 Useful Products That Might Make You Actually Want To Do Chores

    These things will help make housework work for you.

    1. This duster will fit all your nooks and crannies!

    2. These laundry bags will keep your clothes together in the washing machine (don't worry, soap and water will flow through the material no problem!)

    3. Got pet hair everywhere? Try this pet hair roller, which is completely reusable!

    4. This gorge tote bag will make you actually want to do your grocery shop.

    5. Organise your chores with this diary which has tearaway shopping lists...

    6. ...or with this magnetic whiteboard, which is really easy to wipe down.

    7. This magnetic double-sided glass cleaner will get both sides of your windows at once!

    8. Always forget to water your plants? These aqua globes have got your back!

    9. Save time on chopping veg (probably the most tedious part of cooking) with a mandolin.

    10. Is your bin full of that nasty bin juice stuff? Try some Bin Buddy powder, which works kind of like kitty litter but for your bin bag.

    11. This mini dustpan and brush set is perfect for windowsills, behind your taps, along your toaster, and more. It's so adorable you'll want to use it all the time!

    12. Some bottle cleaning tablets will take all the hassle out of cleaning your thermal flasks and bottles.

    13. Get all the gunk out of your microwave with this slightly sweet, slightly terrifying Angry Mother cleaner!

    14. Get rid of food smells with this adorable fridge deodoriser.

    15. You can tell me this Tubshroom doesn't look satisfying to use, but I won't believe you.

    16. This heated airing rack will dry your clothes out in a jiffy.

    17. You won't have to scoop out mess from this kitty litter – instead, you can just sift it with the perforated layer included.

    18. If you're going to clean your oven, make it easy with one of these Teflon mats, which catch crumbs, grease, and more.

    19. You can fold clothes really uniformly in no time with this board – it works equally well for all kinds of clothing!

    20. This pretty bento box will make you way more ready to prepare lunch.

    21. Finally, this mop has an effective (and kind of fun?) spinning device in its bucket to help you drain your mop really easily.