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    26 Products That Gave Reviewers *Results*

    And yes, we've tried a lot of these ourselves too!

    1. Keep spiders and their webs at bay thanks to this long-lasting spider-repelling spray.

    2. This inexpensive curler has an extra-wide barrel, making it perfect for beachy waves.

    3. Wake up to smoother, softer lips by nabbing this nourishing overnight salve from O'Keeffe's!

    4. E.l.f's matte 'Putty Primer' will give your makeup the smoothest base possible.

    5. Tired of getting those annoying lil' bumps on your legs after shaving? It might be time to try KP's powerful body scrub. It's also great for anyone who has keratosis pilaris!

    6. If you want the benefits of an ~intense~ skincare routine without the faff, these NIP+FAB glycolic pads are perfect. They've helped to get rid of those annoying blackheads on my nose!

    7. Banish those annoying verrucas and warts with this once-a-day gel.

    8. Tackle any grease, grime, or stains in your kitchen with Elbow Grease's non-scratch 'Scrub Mate'.

    9. This leather-restoring paint made my fave worn jacket look as good as new again (which is a good thing, because I was NOT ready to splash the amount of cash that a new leather jacket costs). It can also be used on upholstery and bags!

    10. These COSRX acne patches will help to conceal *and* heal your spots.

    11. Sally Hansen's 'Hard as Wraps' solution makes my natural nails feel almost like gels (yesss).

    12. NYX's 'Micro Brow' pencil gives my brows the most realistic-looking results I've ever gotten.

    13. O'Keeffe's moisturising hand cream contains protective allantoin, so you'll have a barrier between your skin and drying factors.

    14. Customers reckon this leave-in conditioner really *does* make the ends of their hair look freshly-cut.

    15. This genius tin opener won't leave any jagged edges once it's done its job!

    16. Reviewers rave about this whitening tooth powder, with some saying they've noticed a difference after just a couple of uses.

    17. The plumping ingredients in this collagen and retinol-rich eye cream helped to smooth the appearance of my under eye area (not bad for under £7, right)?

    18. Home bakers will end up using these reusable ceramic baking beads all the time!

    19. This extra-long iPhone charger is a life-saver if your plugs are just a little too far away from your bed.

    20. Banish any excess moisture from your air with these dehumidifiers.

    21. If you're sick of that annoying razor rash you get after shaving, this reusable hair-removing crystal delivers silky-smooth results.

    22. These machine-washable bamboo rounds will frankly leave your disposable ones in the dust.

    23. Hop on the cream blush trend without the shine with this e.l.f. putty blush!

    24. If you're an accidental plant murderer, this helpful pot will help you to atone for previous botanical sins.

    25. Remove your makeup without stripping your skin with this creamy La Roche-Posay option.

    26. And you can lock in all that sweet, sweet moisture with this polyglutamic acid from The Inkey List.