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    7 Amazing Products Our Shopping Writers Tried And Loved This Month

    We actually can't get enough of these.

    1. The Ordinary AHA peel is a must-have if you're into skincare!

    2. Some Seche Vite topcoat is a great way to help your manicure last longer.

    3. O'Keeffe's is a great, really moisturising hand cream.

    4. These noise-cancelling headphones work well during commutes, and they're Bluetooth enabled too.

    5. Big Magic is a great read about creativity, fear, and imagination!

    6. This heat pad will keep you toasty!

    7. You can't go wrong with some muslin cloths – they're an effective, gentle, and re-usable way to wash your face! Plus, the marble background in this pic is a stick-on one Lana applied to her own desk at home, and it looks amazing.