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    Just 42 Incredible Products That I Can't Believe Cost Less Than £6

    These will have you saying "HOW much?!", but in a good way.

    1. I swear by these hydrocolloid patches, which will conceal AND heal your spots at the same time.

    2. These astronaut-shaped earrings are out of this world!

    3. Okay, but why is this tasseled bookmark so stunning?!

    4. I've tried this fast-acting degreaser spray myself, and have been seriously wowed by the results!

    5. This cathartic colouring book is filled with some colourful language.

    6. These genius liners will prevent ice from building up in your freezer.

    7. Reviewers rave about this versatile eyeshadow palette – it's earned a 4.1-star average rating from 3,176 reviews!

    8. There's just something so stunning about these hair slides.

    9. This large chocolate bar comes in a bewitching Hogwarts Express ticket wrapper!

    10. These watering globes can keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks with zero effort from you.

    11. These pastel-hued highlighters are just as effective as the regular kind, but look way prettier.

    12. This 4head stick claims to get rid of your headache in less than two minutes, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's doing something right.

    13. Keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer with these ethylene-absorbing spheres. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    14. This double-sided scourer will work its magic using only water.

    15. This washing machine cleaner from Dettol will descale AND deodorise your appliance. It works both internally and externally!

    16. These enzyme-packed drain sticks will clear your plugholes for you.

    17. This stainless steel rocker is much easier to clean than a regular garlic press, and it'll cover a larger surface area too.

    18. Brighten and exfoliate your skin with this vitamin C serum!

    19. This cuticle dissolver from Sally Hansen will dissolve the dead skin at the base of your nails in around fifteen seconds.

    20. These blind spot mirrors have self-adhesive backings for easy installation!

    21. This facial roller will improve your circulation and helps to calm your skin!

    22. These reusable descaler balls will get rid of the crust from inside your kettle in a matter of minutes.

    23. OGX's thickening and strengthening biotin & collagen conditioner is a cult-status product for a reason, so I was pretty delighted to find it for less than £4 online.

    24. These sprout-shaped bookmarks couldn't be cuter!

    25. These plush panda magnets live in my mind rent-free.

    26. Just look at this mini avocado cushion!

    27. Treat your hair and skin to these satin pillowcases.

    28. I find these cat-shaped coasters highly ameowsing.

    29. These photo clip fairy lights are simply stunning!

    30. These bubble tea earrings are almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    31. This incredible comb will remove the lint from fabric in seconds (ugh, so satisfying).

    32. This non-stick silicone baking mat is completely reusable.

    33. Get your shower door sparkling with this mini squeegee. It's got a handy suction cup on the back, so it'll always be within easy reach!

    34. This absorbent powder will soak up all the excess moisture in your liners or wheelie bins.

    35. This rim block will release a fresh scent and some cleaning agents every time you flush.

    36. These silicone egg poachers will cook your eggs perfectly without leaving those wispy egg white tendrils in your pan. They're completely reusable!

    37. This deep-fill drawstring bag will allow you to see all your makeup products at a glance.

    38. This collapsible mini funnel is an ideal way to transfer liquid from one container to another. It folds flat for easy storage when it's not in use!

    39. You'll be able to get rid of the limescale on your shower head in minutes thanks to this fast-acting spray.

    40. This genius gadget has three different functions – it works as a speed peeler, a julienne slicer, and a delicate serrated cutter.

    41. This memory stick is just pawsome.

    42. This Evee cable protector honestly has no right to look as cute as it does.

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