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    34 Introvert-Friendly Products For Anyone Whose Favourite Hobby Is Staying In

    Plans? Cancelled. PJs? On. This stuff? Added to CART.

    1. This question-and-answer diary gives you prompts every day for five years, so you'll basically be able to have a conversation in writing (the dream) while keeping track of your life.

    2. This mini hoover is perfect for getting rid of crumbs from your keyboard and sheets (I feel very seen right now).

    3. How insanely comfortable do these soft PJ bottoms look?! Choose from pink or black!

    4. These fluffy slipper socks are highly-rated and come in light blue, pastel pink, and lilac.

    5. Finally, a cookbook that doesn't only offer recipes that serve four people at a minimum (hello, homemade dinners without the waste).

    6. Looking at the same four walls is honestly underrated, and this stunning tapestry will make it even better.

    7. Every introvert has needed this boundary-setting badge at some point or another.

    8. Make sure you can see your iPad or phone even when you're busy with one of these highly rated lil' beanbags, which you can get in 41 different designs.

    9. These noise-cancelling headphones will help to keep those pesky people noises out when you're outside AND act as a universal "don't talk to me" signal. They've earned over 7,870 reviews with a 4.5-star average rating, and you can choose from ten different colour schemes!

    10. These Korean sheet masks are perfect for when you've finally convinced your pals to spend a Saturday night in with you on the sofa.

    11. This gorge duvet set is perfect for when you're thinking, "I need to spend some time with me, myself, and eye".

    12. This teeny-tiny cactus is about the size of your love for socialising.

    13. This gorge bookmark is out of this world.

    14. I can't quite explain why, but this gorgeous mug is 100% introvert culture.

    15. Check out this U-shaped pillow!

    16. This puzzle book is perfect for de-stressing.

    17. Store your stuff right where you need it with this bedside caddy.

    18. These bath bombs are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like Mentos.

    19. This set of ten low-maintenance faux potted plants have the exact effort-to-enjoyment ratio you need.

    20. This plant parent T-shirt that really shows them where you stand.

    21. These foot masks are well worth a look, because one of the joys of spending time alone is getting to do gross-but-satisfying stuff in complete privacy.

    22. If you have to go outside, make sure you can stay buried in a book even on the tube with this page opener. It allows you to hold open a novel using just one hand!

    23. If you've been meaning to buy one of those incredible bed desks for a while now, consider this a sign.

    24. This set of pencils are write on the money when it comes to your personality.

    25. This massage ball is a great way to unwind without having to book a masseuse, which is 1) expensive and 2) too much voluntary human contact, thanks.

    26. Make the most out of your tea collection with these adorable infusers, whose tails can be twisted so you can lift them out of your cup easily whenever you want to stop steeping your tea.

    27. Nothing makes me as happy as a really really great pen, and this gorgeous sloth pen is one of the best.

    28. Make sure nobody can see what's on your screen when you do go outside with this highly-rated privacy screen cover, which makes your screen look completely blank to anyone viewing it from an angle.

    29. You can finally find out what your favourite social interaction smells like with this soy wax candle.

    30. Behold the majesty of this bumper biscuit box, which will fuel your movie nights in for ages.

    31. I'm losing it over this cotton reading nook, which you can hang from your ceiling for some top-tier isolated reading time.

    32. This knitting bowl is perfect for when you're feeling crafty.

    33. This measuring spoon and cup set is perfect if you can only really express your affection in edible form. Plus, they've got cutters on the back for fun biscuit designs!

    34. This celestial blackout curtain helps to ensure no light enters from the outside. It's incredibly easy to apply thanks to the suction cups that stick to any window and the velcro that attaches to curtain rods, and its handy travel bag makes this thing portable too!