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    33 Products You'll Probably Only Appreciate If You Were Born Before 2000

    Some are fun, some are functional, and none mean anything to people under 20.

    1. This flexible, inexpensive back support cushion is incredible (because we basically all have back pain at this point).

    2. Consider yourself a Friends expert? Prove it with these trivia cards!

    3. I don't know why we all have about 50 plants now – we just do, okay? These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for up to two weeks at a time!

    4. This box of sweets contains everything from Refreshers to Sherbet Dips, and it's all designed to fit through your letterbox too. (Oh, and see that part of the lid that says "retro"? Yeah, we're just going to ignore that, tysm x).

    5. Let's face it, there are probably a lot of gross problems you have to deal with now you're over the age of 20. This Bin Buddy powder will help to get rid of the bin juice in your liners (yup).

    6. If you're old enough to remember eating crispy pancakes in the '90s, you've probably learned to master a few cooking skills since. This tabletop knife sharpener will help to keep your most important kitchen tools effective and easy-to-use!

    7. And you'll probably appreciate these protective Teflon oven liners for more or less the same reason.

    8. Yeah, I'm going to need these Saved By The Bell socks immediately, thanks.

    9. If you're old enough to live alone but not old enough to have any actual space (i.e., me), this clever cutlery organiser from Joseph Joseph will declutter your drawer and free up some valuable room.

    10. If you really want a throwback, these Groovy Chick pyjamas are peak '00s.

    11. This Moomin lamp will make you say "aww" every time you see it.

    12. If you toss and turn a lot at night (probably thinking about how expensive Freddo bars are now), these sheet suspenders will keep your bedding in place.

    13. This Leaky Cauldron mug is perfect for Potterheads who can remember queueing to see the movies when they first came out.

    14. Now that you're an adult you've probably learned how expensive laundry detergent can be. This eco-egg solves that problem – it'll wash your clothes really effectively for up to 210 cycles!

    15. Okay, so you might not be able to play a mixtape anymore, but you can at least get this personalised clock that looks like a cassette.

    16. If you're old enough by now to know what hard water is, you're probably going to be excited by this ionic shower head that makes your water softer.

    17. Redeem yourself from old virtual pet disasters with this (fully functional) throwback toy.

    18. Recreate those trips to the cinema at home with this smartphone-compatible projector.

    19. These Miffy-shaped coasters are seriously nostalgic.

    20. When the Friends theme song said "no-one told you life was gonna be this way", you probably didn't realise that blocked drains were going to be part of that. These enzyme-packed drain sticks will remove the grease and buildup from your plugholes as they dissolve!

    21. Remember those puzzles they had on the back of cereal boxes? Well, this mindfulness puzzle book is like a more adult version of that (and it looks great, too).

    22. Snap up some memories with this disposable camera.

    23. You probably didn't think you'd grow up to be the kind of person who got really excited about some great oven gloves, but here we are. Here we all are.

    24. Bring on the arcade memories with this old-school gaming mat.

    25. This drop-in descaler bag will get rid of mineral buildup from your kettle in minutes, because we're frankly too old to be dealing with limescale-filled cuppas.

    26. Relive your childhood summers with this slushie-making machine, which you can also use to make incredible cocktails.

    27. If you're a little more into home organising than you ever expected you would be, these honeycomb drawer inserts that click together for easy installation are perfect. You can use as many or as few as you need to fit your available space!

    28. If you've got kids, these mess-free scratch notes will entertain them while also reminding you of that magnetic drawing board you had as a child.

    29. This LEGO Architecture model of London is the perfect grownup way to deal with the fact that yes, we all still want to whip out those blocks when we're bored.

    30. This mug cleaner will get right into any built-up stains in your fave cup (we've all got one by now).

    31. This 4head stick claims to relieve the symptoms of a headache in under two minutes, because let's face it – adulthood can be a real pain sometimes.

    32. These under-eye patches will brighten and de-puff around your eyes, perfect if you've been up all night rewatching Disney classics (which, same).

    33. If there was ever a perfect time for spring toys to make a comeback, it's probably right about now.