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    27 Products Under £10 To Help Solve Some Of Life's Little Problems

    Cheap and clever is the perfect pairing IMO.

    1. If you feel like you're running out of things to watch, this compilation of 100 movie ideas is a great way to stop you scrolling endlessly through Netflix (and yes, the titles DO come out of the side like tape from a video).

    2. Finely mince your ginger and garlic without the mess and hassle of a garlic press by using this (honestly genius) garlic rocker instead.

    3. Release some built-up tension with this lower back massager that has an adjustable strap for a precise fit.

    4. Cook perfect poached eggs without those annoying wispy tendrils clouding up your pan with these reusable silicone poachers.

    5. If you need to look more awake for a Zoom call, these soothing and brightening eye gels will really help to perk up your peepers.

    6. If you can never decide what to have for dinner, this takeaway dice will do the planning for you.

    7. If you're doing a lot of yoga at the moment, these non-slip socks might help you keep your balance.

    8. If you're struggling with spots at the moment, we have something in common. This day and night spot stick is designed to zap those zits out of existence!

    9. If you want to keep everything from your books to your remote control and snack bowl close by while you're relaxing, this handy armchair caddy is perfect.

    10. Keep your sheets in place no matter how much you toss and turn with these sheet suspenders.

    11. Make sure you trim your eyebrows evenly with these genius scissors, which comb and cut at the same time.

    12. If you're doing a lot of DIY at the moment, this magnetic wristband is super useful.

    13. Make sure you know whose bin is whose on your street with these personalised bin stickers, which get delivered through your letterbox via Royal Mail.

    14. If you want to share your music with somebody in your household but don't like sharing the one pair of earphones, this splitter is ideal.

    15. If you're getting stressed out by messy cords, this three-in-one charger cable has got your back.

    16. This screen cleaning kit will keep your devices looking great.

    17. This Grime Slime cleaning putty will help you clean hard-to-reach areas like the gaps in between your keyboard keys in no time, and it's super satisfying to use as well.

    18. Don't have a bath but DO want the at-home spa treatment? These scented shower steamers were designed with you in mind.

    19. Store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger with these drop-down storage tools.

    20. You know that annoying sound your chair makes when you pull it out? These purrfect chair leg socks will solve that problem in the cutest way possible. (And yes, they're technically £10 and not under, but look at them).

    21. Whether you want to ensure your best bra keeps its shape in the wash or just don't want to worry about your socks getting lost, these mesh laundry bags are perfect.

    22. Protect your charger cable from breaking and fraying with one of these adorable cable bites.

    23. Cooking for one can be really hard, but this handy recipe book makes it a bit easier.

    24. If the zip tab is missing from your favourite garment, you can sort that out it in no time with this easy-to-apply replacement.

    25. This 4head stick will ease the symptoms of headaches in as little as two minutes.

    26. Get the most out of your toothpaste (and ensure the tube doesn't get crinkled when you do so) with these toothpaste squeezers.

    27. If your hands are a little on the dry side right now, this Ohii cream will nourish and hydrate them.