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    27 Pieces Of Decor That Will Probably Make You Want To Redecorate Your Entire Home

    Brb, about to buy all of these.

    1. This moon garland is out of this world!

    2. How sweet is this lil' trinket tray?

    3. This gorgeous throw will be the star of any room it's in!

    4. This insanely highly-rated faux fur fluffy rug has a non-slip backing, and comes in ten different colours and 12 sizes.

    5. This Marshall key holder comes with a wall-mounting set and four amp-shaped keyrings that you can plug in for easy (and gorgeous) storage.

    6. This gorge leopard-print frame is the perfect functional decor.

    7. This moon lamp is dimmable and touch-activated

    8. This bath mat is just *chef's kiss*.

    9. These cat mugs have lids!

    10. This stag-pattern ochre bed set looks incredible!

    11. Add some celestial vibes to your home with this tapestry-style wall hanging.

    12. This planter is well worth a look 👀 .

    13. This set of three potted cacti will definitely grow on you.

    14. Add some light to your life with this lil' lamp.

    15. This sign really says it all.

    16. Store your cotton rounds, earbuds, and more in one of these sheep-shaped containers!

    17. This mould-proof and mildew-resistant shower curtain looks incredible.

    18. This genius elephant-shaped holder is perfect for storing your toothbrushes, utensils, and more – any excess water will be drained out into the sink via its trunk (aww!).

    19. This set of six cactus magnets will look incredible on your fridge!

    20. Store more stuff while taking up less space with this pack of three over-the-door hanging storage units.

    21. This set of two ring holders will store your stuff with style.

    22. This sandalwood and floral-scented candle comes in a stunning pot with a lid.

    23. This geometric pendant light gets a 10/10 from me.

    24. These curtain fairy lights will brighten up your room.

    25. Keep everything from books to plants on these floating shelves!

    26. This mirror is top-tier.

    27. These cactus coasters look like a plant when they're not in use!