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    31 Prettier Versions Of Everyday Things You'll Probably Use All The Time

    Pretty (doesn't) hurt.

    1. Sure, you could get an ordinary bedside lamp. But when this touch-activated moon lamp exists, why would you?

    2. Store your food in this (incredibly sweet) pot and spoon set.

    3. These salt and pepper shakers are adorable!

    4. Why settle for plain bath towels when this gorgeous waffle-weave one exists?

    5. This plant pot is gorgeous for absolutely no reason and I love it.

    6. Is this tissue box too extra, or are the usual kinds just not extra enough?

    7. These marble-look memo pads have absolutely no right to look as good as they do.

    8. This deep-fill drawstring makeup bag is prettier and more practical than a lot of other options. It's available in nine different colours and patterns!

    9. If you love highlighters but aren't a huge fan of how harsh the regular colours are, these pastel ones might just be for you.

    10. These cat pens are purrfect!

    11. You can tell me you don't want this gorge tabletop mirror that's perfect for applying your makeup, but I won't believe you.

    12. Regular bobby pins do a lot for your hair, but these stunning geometric hair clips will totally transform your day-three hair in no time.

    13. Upgrade your sleeping sitch with this pastel-hued bed set.

    14. This woven laundry basket proves that practical things can be incredibly pretty, too!

    15. Your current toilet roll holder just cannot compare to this lil' guy.

    16. Add some glam to your bathroom with this gold-toned soap dispenser.

    17. These handy pouches are designed for holding your pads and tampons, and they're much more subtle than the usual packaging. There's 12 different designs to choose from!

    18. This elephant-shaped mug is 1) adorable and 2) massive, making it perfect for tea fans.

    19. This brightening face mask looks great, and customers say it works brilliantly.

    20. Upgrade your cushions in moments with this cover.

    21. I need these cat coasters right meow!

    22. These cat spoons just want to hang out.

    23. This notebook is an absolute dream.

    24. Add a touch of ~luxe~ to your meals with this cutlery set.

    25. Keep your Airpods safe in this lil' case.

    26. You can customise this celestial phone case with your initials or a short piece of text!

    27. This rose gold iPhone charger cable is lightning-fast, and it's a generous 1.8m long too.

    28. This simple laptop case is really classy.

    29. Make sure you know where you last stopped reading with this bookmark.

    30. These fancy AF champagne flutes are just *chef's kiss*.

    31. And last but most definitely not least, this copper-look utensil holder is incredible!