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    eBay Is Having A Sale On Some Big-Brand Pet Foods, So Now's The Perfect Time To Stock Up

    With discounts on everything from Whiskas to Pedigree and Cesar!

    eBay are having a huge sale on pet food right now, and there are some pretty great deals on offer. We rounded up our faves below!

    1. Your pet will be delighted to have 6kg of Pedigree Markies that have meaty 'marrows' in their centre! You can save an impressive 30% right now.

    2. Save 20% on 8kg of Whiskas dry cat food! It's perfect for kittens aged 2-12 months, and it contains real chicken too.

    3. Or, if your cat is a little older, this 7kg pack of dry chicken treats is down 10%. It's got a handy zip closure at the top!

    4. This 10kg box of gravy-flavoured biscuit bones from Pedigree is 15% off.

    5. This 3kg collection of grain-free salmon and poultry wet food trays is down a whopping 30%.

    6. You can nab 120 packs(!) of Whiskas wet poultry food for 15% off their usual price right now.

    7. Or if your cat loves variety, this 80-pack of meaty wet food sachets should keep them happy for a while. The 9% discount will probably boost your mood, too!

    8. This 120-sachet multipack of Pedigree wet foods includes a variety of flavours, from beef to chicken. It's currently 11% off!

    9. This 700g bundle of salmon-flavoured Dreamies is down a purrfect 18%.

    10. 12 of these 24 dog chews are beef-flavoured, the other 12 are poultry, and the whole set is down by 10%!

    11. Your dog will probably love this 72-pack of Cesar wet food, and you'll love its 12% discount.

    12. Cesar are also offering 48 trays of their mixed wet food for 12% off! The flavours in the pack are beef & turkey, beef, chicken, and lamb.

    13. This 12kg pack of beef and vegetable dry food from Pedigree is currently 13% off.

    14. You can grab 120 packs of Sheba's fish flake wet cat food for 16% off their usual price. Flavours include salmon, tuna, whitefish, and cod!

    15. You can get your hands on 8kg of beef-flavoured dry cat food from Whiskas for 20% off at the moment.

    Check out the rest of their pet food sale by clicking here!

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