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    17 Products To Help You Create The Ultimate Movie Night In

    You'll be able to entertain your whole household with these!

    1. This fully-functional projector is compatible with all smartphones!

    2. Announce your movie choice in style with this chalk-friendly clapper board.

    3. If you can never decide which movie to watch, this scratch-off poster is packed full of suggestions (100 of them, to be exact).

    4. Or, if you'd rather choose what to watch in a more ~retro~ way, this video tape-shaped box dispenses movie suggestions in the form of tear-off "tickets".

    5. This adorable set of two reusable flasks and a plastic popcorn holder costs less than a tenner.

    6. Enjoy your snacks even more by placing them in this incredible bowl.

    7. Disney buffs will enjoy sipping from this Simba mug while streaming their fave movies.

    8. Watch your films in comfort with these Star Wars joggers.

    9. These clapper board napkins get a 10/10 from me.

    10. If just watching a movie isn't enough, you can follow it up with this Blockbuster game.

    11. You'll have a year's worth of movie night ideas with this personalised box.

    12. If you're planning an Alice In Wonderland-themed tea party with your household while you watch the film, these paper masks will make the experience even more ~immersive~.

    13. Whether someone in your household has a birthday or you just really want to go all-out, these decorations are great fun.

    14. Roll out this "red carpet" for added ~drama~.

    15. Sorry, but how insanely cute is this car-shaped snack holder?!

    16. If you're into savoury foods, these paper hot dog holders are perfect.

    17. Create a truly ~authentic~ experience at home with this roll of 'admit one' tickets.