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    51 Overstocked Deals From Amazon's 'Outlet' That I Think Would Make Amazing Christmas Gifts

    Listen, we won't tell if you don't.

    In case you didn't know, Amazon have a section on their site that's filled with discounted overstock items. We went through the page to find you products that would make perfect gifts!

    1. Save 29% on this massive jojoba and vanilla-scented bath set from Baylis & Harding...

    2. ...or 46% on the same kit with a pomegranate and fig scent.

    3. This animatronic Snackin' Grogu toy comes with over 40 sound and motion combinations. It's 65% off!

    4. These unspeakably sweet wooden rubber stamps are perfect for your artsy pals – they're 40% off!

    5. This 63%-off vase is perfect for budding interior designers.

    6. There's 35% off this chocolate-themed I Heart Revolution eyeshadow palette.

    7. You might just end up ordering a pair of these gold-plated hoop earrings for yourself too (and at 58% off, why wouldn't you?).

    8. This 24%-off trio of vanilla-scented Burt's Bees products comes in an adorable cracker-shaped package.

    9. Say hello to the 58% discount on this makeup brush set. Reviewers reckon the brushes feel *much* more premium than you'd expect for the cost (and that was before their current price reduction).

    10. Save 40% on these ridiculously highly-rated JVC wireless headphones.

    11. These 48%-off festive bath bombs are almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    12. Plant parents will love this gorgeous ceramic and wood plant pot almost as much as you'll love its 50% discount.

    13. This bag of Tropical Punch tea leaves from The East India Company is half-price ATM.

    14. It'll go brilliantly with this 31%-off pair of (sort of chic?) tea strainers.

    15. No-one told you these FRIENDS lip balms were gonna be 45% off.

    16. The cyclists in your life will thank you for nabbing them these 47%-off waterproof touchscreen-friendly gloves every time they head out in the rain.

    17. I'm just saying, there's 43% off this trio of Garnier eye masks right now.

    18. How gorgeous is this 43%-off pair of ceramic vases?!

    19. Don't mind me, just buying this ridiculously serene ceramic tea infuser and mug set while it's 43% off.

    20. And if they're more of a coffee drinker, I reckon they'll love this 20%-off trio of dark roast Brown Bear ground coffees.

    21. I can't think of a foodie who wouldn't love this 31%-off Hilltop Honey cut comb slab.

    22. If you know a gardener, these 30%-off thorn-proof gloves would make an ideal gift.

    23. I love these remote-control star-shaped fairy lights that can change colour and lighting modes at the touch of a button. They're 41% off!

    24. Buying for kids? You'll be grateful to read about the 67% discount on this interactive Fur Fluff toy.

    25. This 20%-off ring light and webcam set is bound to make the streamers in your life smile.

    26. Fellow foodies, let's just take a moment to appreciate the 26% discount on this nonstick stainless steel frying pan.

    27. Know a Beauty and the Beast fan? Allow me to introduce you to their new favourite gift (they'll never need to know it was 42% off).

    28. This massive 42%-off dried bouquet is perfect for the person who 1) loves plants and 2) cannot keep them alive for more than five minutes (i.e. me).

    29. I'm sorry, but as an avid walker, I absolutely oppose the 'socks as gifts' slander. These men's hiking ones are nice!! And they're warm!!! And they're 42% off!

    30. You'll sleep soundly knowing you bought them this pair of satin pillowcases for 42% off.

    31. And the same goes for this 41%-off Mulberry silk sleep mask!

    32. Beauty buffs will adore these 41%-off natural-looking fluffy faux lashes.

    33. Okay, but I love these 41%-off battery-powered candles.

    34. These 41%-off Nightmare Before Christmas wooden utensils combine my editor's two main interests (and I'm sure she's not alone).

    35. This 'Seaside Woods' Yankee Candle is down by a scent-sational 38%.

    36. Ugh, I love this 36%-off tea mug and strainer set.

    37. Here's the thing about having a very cute and car-obsessed nephew: I can't look at a 28% discount on something like this excavation truck-building block set without buying it for him.

    38. If anyone I know is reading this and doesn't know what to buy me for Christmas, I want this 32%-off three-piece pizza set, thanks.

    39. Someone buy me this massive 33%-off cotton throw, please?

    40. These 32%-off memory foam slippers look ridiculously cosy.

    41. They'll never clock (sorry) that this gorgeous watch was 32% off.

    42. For something so highly-rated, these 32%-off Bluetooth headphones sure are a steal.

    43. Smell the 32% savings on this oil diffuser that doubles up as a colour-changing lamp.

    44. This 32%-off makeup removal set includes reusable cotton rounds, which have become my ride-or-dies ever since I made the switch a few months ago.

    45. Okay, but why is this 32%-off apron so pretty?

    46. Did someone say 32%-off stained glass-look lightbulb? (I did. Someone buy me one).

    47. You can't go too far wrong with some classic Nag Champa incense sticks (especially when they're 25% off).

    48. The jug of this 25%-off Magic Bullet blender doubles up as a portable flask.

    49. Save 20% on this gua sha kit!

    50. If their standards are high but your budget is low, this 33%-off Neal's Yard bath soak has all the answers.

    51. And last but not least, this 35%-off Cath Kidston hand cream and antibacterial spray set is perfect for anyone who walks a dog.

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