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    19 Nostalgic Products To Help Bring Your British Childhood Rushing Back

    Including a Woolworths pic'n'mix tote bag and some genuine Sherbet Dip Dabs.

    1. Sorry, but I absolutely HAD to pick this iconic tote bag.

    2. This Jacqueline Wilson board game will bring back so many memories.

    3. This letterbox-friendly retro sweets hamper is packed full of classics, like Sherbet Dip Dabs and fizzy Refreshers.

    4. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Shaun The Sheep-themed egg cup?!

    5. This Polyjuice Potion lamp changes colour.

    6. If you miss Mint Crisp Dairy Milk bars, you can treat yourself to this pack of six!

    7. This Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood mug and book set is perfect for Father's Day.

    8. These cosy Miffy socks have absolutely no right to be as cute as they are.

    9. These Groovy Chick pyjamas are just *chef's kiss*.

    10. You can nab a kilo(!!) of mixed retro sweets for less than a tenner (um, why didn't I know about this sooner?!).

    11. Just look at this stuffed Paddington bear.

    12. This set of three mini Pingu notebooks is absonootley incredible.

    13. Stay hydrated while also showing your Wallace and Gromit fandom with this water bottle.

    14. Button Moon fans will adore this retro mug.

    15. Atone for your past virtual pet sins with this old-school toy.

    16. These glow-in-the-dark wall stickers are a more glam version of those plastic stars you stuck to your ceiling.

    17. This grain-filled Bagpuss plush heats up when it's microwaved. It's got lavender inside too for a sweet scent!

    18. Cool down in the summer heat with this pack of 20 Mr Freeze ice lollies.

    19. Make your favourite childhood drink (and add some booze if you like for a grown-up twist) with this Slush Puppie-making cup.