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    32 All-New Amazon Products That Customers Already Love

    For everything from your garden to your kitchen!

    Amazon have a 'Hot New Releases' section where you can find newly-added products that are quickly becoming bestsellers. Here are some of our faves!

    1. Relax with this watermelon-scented foot soak.

    2. This motion-sensor light has a self-adhesive backing to help you attach it to your cupboard or wardrobe!

    3. You'll be able to grow everything from potatoes to tomatoes and carrots in these grow bags.

    4. These faux suede cleaning cloths will dust and polish your most delicate surfaces, from your car interiors to your screens.

    5. If you've got fish, you'll be glad you bought these feeding rings.

    6. This aux cable is designed to fit your iPhone (hello, tune-filled commutes).

    7. These cushion covers are unbeelievably cute.

    8. And this solar-powered outdoor light is truly out of this world!

    9. If you own glasses, you'll understand why I had to include this reusable anti-fog wipe. It's especially useful when you're wearing a mask!

    10. This collapsible washing-up bowl folds flat when it's not in use (genius, right?!).

    11. This endlessly useful car bin has a handy lid to keep odours and spills at bay.

    12. Charge your electric toothbrush or razor with the help of this two-pin plug adapter!

    13. This waterproof desk mat is perfect if (like me) you tend to spill coffee all over your WFH setup in the morning.

    14. These wireless Bluetooth earphones are an absolute steal at under £15!

    15. Begin building your leaf family with this set of six real potted plants.

    16. And while you're at it, consider nabbing this nutrient-rich houseplant compost!

    17. This water-resistant picnic blanket folds up into an easily portable bag.

    18. Transform your headlights with this Turtle Wax kit.

    19. I'm struggling to think of a surface that these highly absorbent microfibre cloths wouldn't be great at cleaning.

    20. Add some extra sockets to your kitchen or bedroom with this three-way adapter.

    21. I'm struggling to believe that these resistance bands cost less than £5, but here we are.

    22. This reusable water bottle has useful time markers on the side to remind you to stay hydrated.

    23. This lifting spray will give your hair volume at the root.

    24. Protect your rotary washing line when it's raining by placing this waterproof cover over it.

    25. This dual-action Bathmatic sponge has one tough side for heavy scrubbing and another softer side for wiping and polishing.

    26. Clarin's fast-acting blemish treatment gel will help to shrink your spots as soon as they appear.

    27. This TikTok-famous weighted hula hoop has wowed reviewers who say it's seriously fun to use.

    28. Okay, but how gorgeous does this mango and coconut-scented body butter sound?

    29. For something so highly-rated, this Bluetooth speaker is ridiculously inexpensive.

    30. You'll be able to check in on this indoor CCTV camera remotely via its accompanying app!

    31. Um, £3 for some breathable running shorts? Yes, please.

    32. And last but not least, this iPhone lightning charger cable is perfect if your current one is a little too short.

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