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    39 Nerdy Home Accessories To Help You Actually Live In Your Fandom

    Including a sonic screwdriver pizza cutter and a Pokéball bath mat (yes, really).

    1. This touch-activated Super Mario lamp is small, so you can enjoy it even if you don't have mushroom.

    2. These Star Wars light switch decals are incredible.

    3. You'll have a ball with this Pokémon bath mat!

    4. You'll always know the time and relative dimensions (of biscuits) in space thanks to this Doctor Who cookie jar.

    5. Bring some Studio Ghibli into your home with this gorgeous bedspread.

    6. These Minecraft lamps are iconic (literally).

    7. I adore this Harry Potter Golden Snitch light.

    8. I'm going Hamm for this Toy Story piggy bank.

    9. Drag your guests with this RuPaul's Drag Race doormat!

    10. This Playstation lamp will push all the right buttons.

    11. No-one told you this Friends mug was gonna be this cute.

    12. You can control the colour of this Lord of the Rings light with its handy remote (I know, right?!).

    13. If you love The Office, you'll adore this Dwight Schrute throw cushion.

    14. This incredible Star Wars lamp will provide lot of light for something from the dark side.

    15. Community fans will hear sweet music every time they look at this Troy and Abed mug.

    16. These Pokémon Porygon coasters are just *chef's kiss*.

    17. These lil' Star Wars lamps are adorable.

    18. You'll never want to break free from your kitchen after you've put this Freddy Mercury tea towel in it.

    19. This is the Stormtrooper terrarium Star Wars fans have been looking for.

    20. This Doctor Who sonic screwdriver pizza cutter will save you lots of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey when you're slicing your food. Oh, and FYI, of course it makes the sound.

    21. This Guardians of the Galaxy plant pot is absoGrootley incredible.

    22. The Pac-Man design on this temperature-activated glass appears when you pour cold liquid into it.

    23. These light saber-shaped Star Wars tongs are almost too amazing to own. Almost.

    24. Get ready to perk up your home with this Friends neon light.

    25. These Nintendo cartridge coasters will wow anyone who sees them (and TBH, I'm pretty sure that's their Nintention).

    26. If you're looking for a nostalgic British egg cup, this Shaun the Sheep one isn't a baaad place to start.

    27. If you love Mulan, you'll probably be a fan of this trinket dish.

    28. This Wallace and Gromit storage tin is absolutely cracking.

    29. Store your toothbrushes in this Totoro caddy that has handy suction cups at the back!

    30. The prospect of not owning this Rick and Morty spaceship USB light is frankly Mortyfying.

    31. These Simpsons coasters are Moest impressive.

    32. This Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion water bottle is bewitching.

    33. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this pair of Super Mario tumblers immediately, thanks.

    34. I'm spellbound by this Harry Potter Tom Riddle book lamp.

    35. This Winnie The Pooh pot is for money, NOT honey.

    36. Not to be dramatic, but this Pac-Man Inky mug might be the best thing anyone has ever made.

    37. I'm such a fan of this Back to the Future bottle opener.

    38. This cushion cover has a Lord of the Rings map pattern on it!

    39. Get into a Game of Thrownes with this large blanket.