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    Nastygal Are Offering 40% Off Their Autumn Clothes, So Get Ready To Stay Snug And Stylish

    The only thing better than choosing a cold weather wardrobe is saving money while you're doing it!

    NastyGal just launched their stunning autumn collection, and as if the gorgeous garments weren't enough on their own, they're ALSO 40% off right now! We went through the selection to find some of our fave pieces.

    1. Chuck these faux leather ankle boots under some wide-leg jeans or a flowy dress for the perfect transitional look.

    2. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this cropped padded jacket today.

    3. This geo-print maxi dress is sure to stun.

    4. This knitted loungewear set looks almost unbelievably comfortable.

    5. I'm struggling to think of an outfit that this button-down Sherpa jacket wouldn't go with.

    6. This soft-knit jumper dress is the perfect mix of trendy and timeless.

    7. If I ever seem distracted, it's probably because I'm thinking about the stunning twist detail on this puff-sleeve mini dress.

    8. Okay, but how stunning is this faux fur bucket hat?

    9. Channel your inner influencer with this zebra print tie-back sweater.

    10. And this gorgeous mini dress in the same print is equally stunning!

    11. These distressed-look jeans are the perfect mix of wearable and edgy.

    12. I love the zip-front detail of this midi dress.

    13. Don't mind me, just drooling over this ribbed mini cardigan.

    14. This oh-so-trendy V-neck knitted dress gets an 11/10 from me.

    15. I'm losing it over the cutout detail of this tie-waist sweater dress.

    16. This roll-neck sweater is the perfect "chuck on and look put-together" garment.

    17. Stay snug and stylish in this tie-front cardigan.

    18. Sorry, but what's the point of autumn unless you get to wear one of these oversized tartan scarves during it?

    19. This effortlessly chic biker jacket is made from real leather.

    20. These high-waisted faux leather trousers are simply stunning.

    21. Stun in some Scooby-Doo couture with this collared mini dress.

    22. Not only is this incredible blouse stunning, but it's also made from organic cotton.

    23. I'm in love with this zebra-print midi dress.

    24. Upgrade a day-to-day outfit with this hot pink denim jacket.

    25. This tie-dye denim shoulder bag is about to become your 'going out' staple.

    26. As will this oversized button-up blazer!

    27. You'll look effortlessly chic in this slouchy knitted jumper.

    28. This tie-dye loungewear set proves that comfy clothes can be stylish, too.

    29. I'm willing to bet you'll end up wearing this longline zebra-print cardigan at least twice a week.

    30. Check out the fun design of this off-the-shoulder maxi dress.

    31. This denim shirt jacket is a classic for a reason!

    32. As is this incredibly flattering ribbed maxi dress.

    33. You'll feel like you're living in a '00s music video while wearing this ruched satin midi skirt.

    34. These straight-leg jeans are just *chef's kiss*.

    35. This corduroy dress is frankly not a want but an absolute *need*.

    36. And last but most definitely not least, I'm honestly Clueless as to why I haven't ordered this gorgeous gingham dress yet.

    Want to check out even MORE cold weather-friendly clothes? You can view NastyGal's entire autumn collection by clicking here!