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Mums, Tell Us The Gifts You *Actually* Wanted When Your Baby Was Born

Because you probably had enough cute baby clothes already, tbh

Having a baby is stressful AF, so the last thing any new mum needs is a bad gift!

Although you know your friends and family mean well, that doesn't mean all of their presents are going to be right for you. Even I'm guilty of getting new mums gifts that are probably not very useful, like yet *another* onesie.

The thing is, there's no manual for motherhood, and there's also no handbook for helping out new parents. We know mums have a ton of needs, but not all of us know *exactly* what they are. So, mothers, we're turning to you!

What do you wish your friends and family had bought you when you were a new mum? Wish you had more practical gifts, like nappies?

Or some muslin squares, because as a new parent you really can't have too many.

Maybe you wish there had been one gift (just one!) for you?

Let us know your dream new mum gift in the comments below, and you could be featured in a Buzzfeed Community post!