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    71 Gifts That Are On So Many Amazon Wishlists, They're Basically Foolproof

    *They* might not tell you what they want, but their wishlist will.

    In case you didn't know, Amazon have a page where you can see their most wished-for products. We went through the list to find our fave items!

    1. This Braun ten-in-one trimmer Series 7 is ridiculously highly-rated for a reason.

    2. Well hello there, LEGO succelents kit.

    3. This multipack of Burt's Bees lip balms gets a 10/10 from me.

    4. I own and love COSRX's Snail Mucin Essence myself and can confirm that it has a rightful place on so many people's wishlists. It gives my skin a dewy, eight-hours-of-sleep glow no matter *how* cruelly I treat my poor skin (look, it's party season, okay?).

    5. If they love Richard Osmond's Thursday Murder Club series, they'll love its third installment, The Bullet That Missed.

    6. This Vera Wang 'Princess' duo includes the cult favourite perfume *and* a body spray.

    7. The Secret Santa potential that this relatable mug has... incredible.

    8. And the same goes for this Excellent (sorry) mug.

    9. Okay, but how gorgeous is this 2023 week-to-view diary?!

    10. Yes, of course this lusted-after PS5 console had to make an appearance.

    11. Look! At These!! Hand-enamelled robin earrings!!!

    12. This snowglobe-shaped bottle of orange and ginger-flavoured gin lights up (I know, right?!).

    13. Chocoholics, say hello to this Lindt truffle cracker.

    14. And also hello to this 2KG BOX OF HEROES.

    15. This is a threat *and* a promise – if someone bought me this hand-wrought cast iron rose, I think I'd have to marry them on the spot.

    16. This Christmas Morning-scented Yankee Candle is pretty hard to resist.

    17. I 'awww'ed out loud when I first saw this boba-making set.

    18. Reviewers love this witchy candle that smells of lemongrass, frankincense, lemon, clove, and myrrh.

    19. This cheese-making kit sounds ridiculously fun to use. It contains instructions and equipment for 20 cheeses!

    20. Speaking of perfect foodie gifts, this Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat guarantees the creamiest, smoothest, most velvet-y hot chocolate they've ever tried (never mind made at home).

    21. This teeny-tiny Pokeball comes with a mini personalised message (aww).

    22. Gift your mum this adorable 'mama bear' mug.

    23. If anyone I know is reading this, you don't have to remember throwaway comments I've made to find a perfect thoughtful gift – I just want these 24k gold celestial earrings, thanks.

    24. Comedy fans, take note: Bob Mortimer has released a novel, and yes, it does involve lots of pies.

    25. This 'make your own suncatcher' kit is ridiculously wholesome.

    26. I mean, you just can't go that far wrong with a classic ghd Original Styler. It delivers the smoothest, sleekest finish I've ever managed to achieve.

    27. Did you know you could personalise a mini LEGO figure? Because you can, you know (and at under £9, I think I just might).

    28. This introvert-friendly mug gets it.

    29. Why don't I own this candle that smells of old books already?!

    30. If you never carry cash, this £1 trolley token keyring is ideal.

    31. Just look at this tiny pocket hug token.

    32. You can put their name and birthstone onto this personalised bracelet.

    33. Customers reckon these wax melts smell a lot like Mugler's cult 'Alien' perfume.

    34. I've lost it over this Stitch light, I'm afraid.

    35. Maybelline's 'Sky High' mascara really does live up to its TikTok hype, IMO.

    36. Foodies will adore this chilli sauce-making kit.

    37. You can just place strands of your hair into this low-effort curler and it'll do all of the work for you.

    38. This two-in-one styler and hair dryer is TikTok-famous for a reason – it's as effective as it is easy to use.

    39. Skincare buffs will seriously appreciate this Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant.

    40. This Ghost 'Deep Night' gift set contains a 30ml perfume and a bath bomb.

    41. Work your shampoo right down to your roots while *also* exfoliating your scalp with this silicone brush.

    42. If you want to spoil someone special, these Swarovski earrings are on a lot of people's wishlists.

    43. Everyone I know who owns an air fryer swears by theirs, so it's no wonder this highly-rated one is so popular.

    44. You can cook everything from eggs to veg and 'baked' potatoes in this multipurpose Morphy Richards microwave cooker.

    45. 'Tis the season for this ridiculously fluffy throw.

    46. I'm struggling to think of anything more comforting than sinking into a bed that's been heated by this Silentnight electric blanket, TBH.

    47. Don't mind me, just drooling over this Lindt chocolate hamper.

    48. These porcelain pasta bowls are just *chef's kiss*.

    49. This bewitching wax melt and essential oil burner couldn't be more adorable if it tried.

    50. This cordless Shark vacuum cleaner has anti-hair wrap technology in its head, making it perfect for pet owners.

    51. I've seen this double-insulated Christmas tree cup all over my FYP, so I think it might be time for me to nab one.

    52. This digital alarm clock doubles up as a mirror when it's not in use.

    53. This Pukka tea advent calendar is a festive must-have.

    54. I mean, just imagine the Christmas leftover sandwiches you could make with this Salter toastie maker. It doubles (and triples) up as a panini press and a waffle maker!

    55. This foldable futon mattress is perfect if you've got guests over.

    56. I sort of don't want to meet the kind of person who can resist this massive 850g Dairy Milk bar.

    57. This LEGO artificial bouquet is almost too pretty to handle. Almost.

    58. I swear by this 4kg weighted blanket to soothe me to sleep.

    59. This steady-pouring, temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life.

    60. And this seven-piece kitchen knife set is ideal for home cooks!

    61. Yeah, I need this extra-large fleecy cushion ASAP, thanks.

    62. This touch-activated moon lamp is dimmable!

    63. My room is about to get plastered in this pinecone fairy light garland.

    64. The '90s baby in me wants to own this old-school Tamagotchi immediately.

    65. Grow your own bonsai at home with this all-inclusive set.

    66. It's no surprise that this foolproof Amazon gift card is doing so well ATM.

    67. This Priorities card game is a great way to work out how well your friends and family know you. It asks you to rank each other's, well, priorities in the right order (do you care more about your phone or your partner?).

    68. The much-hyped Aeropress coffee maker is a caffeine lover's dream.

    69. For such an inexpensive pair, these Bluetooth earphones sure do have some amazing reviews.

    70. This infinity pillow is (and no, I don't think I'm being dramatic here) revolutionary.

    71. If the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like this 'These Cards Will Get You Drunk' game really does live up to its name.

    You can find even more highly-coveted products by checking out Amazon's entire 'Most Wished-For' section.