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    61 Of The Most-Gifted Products On Amazon Right Now

    At this point in my gift-buying panic, I'm taking notes.

    1. Turns out a lot of people are fans of Richard Osman's The Thursday Murder Club series – its third installment, The Bullet That Missed, is selling like hot cakes.

    2. There's something so sweet about this wooden pocket hug token.

    3. The Secret Santa potential that this relatable mug has is ridiculous.

    4. As a Bounty lover, I'm glad to see this many people supporting Lindt's truffle version of the (flawless!) chocolate/coconut combo.

    5. Can someone cover me in this wearable blanket ASAP please? Thanks!

    6. Listen, there's zero shame in the gift card game (especially when it looks as good as this one does).

    7. I thought I'd stop thinking 'I am a fancy lady' every time I ate a Ferrero Rocher after I turned about nine, but here I am, still at it in my mid-20s.

    8. Hello, heated throw.

    9. Everyone I know who has an air fryer raves about it, so I understand the gifting potential of this highly-rated one.

    10. Reviewers adore this Vera Wang perfume and body spray set.

    11. This Baylis & Harding bath set smells of jojoba and vanilla – no wonder so many people are snapping it up.

    12. I can't think of a relative who wouldn't love this Dove bath set.

    13. Revlon's cult-status dryer and styler is TikTok-famous for a reason.

    14. You might just want to buy two sets of these Burt's Bees lip balms.

    15. This Sanctuary Spa gift set is the perfect emergency backup pressie, IMO.

    16. This Calvin Klein Eternity perfume smells of lychee, passionfruit, and guava (I'm drooling).

    17. These bath bombs look like little crystals (I know, right?).

    18. This 4kg weighted blanket is a steal at less than £20.

    19. These LEGO succulents went into my basket ASAP.

    20. 'Tis the season for this fleece-lined sherpa throw.

    21. This Hotel Chocolat Velvitiser promises to make the smoothest, richest, most luxurious at-home cocoa possible.

    22. I mean, I understand the popularity of this Guinness Book Of World Records 2023 book. It's under a tenner and is basically foolproof – what's not to love?

    23. Half of our shopping team wear Maybelline's 'Sky High' mascara on the daily.

    24. Garnier's face and eye mask sheet set is pretty hard to resist, TBH.

    25. This Feather & Down sleeping kit includes a sleeping spray, a silky eye mask, and more.

    26. This three-piece Burt's Bees set comes in the cutest packaging imaginable.

    27. This cult Maybelline concealer is the best we've tried.

    28. Apparently, tonnes of people are gifting this L'Oreal Hydra Energetic shower gel, face wash, and moisturiser set.

    29. These Dots For Spots hydrocolloid patches will conceal *and* heal zits.

    30. These bath bombs come in some seriously festive packaging.

    31. GHOST's fragrance set includes a 30ml perfume and a bath bomb.

    32. This trio of Burt's Bees hand creams is commonly-gifted for a reason.

    33. I feel like I don't need to sell you The Satsuma Complex on any other point than that Bob Mortimer wrote it.

    34. After a sub-£1 gift? This classic tin of Vaseline has got your back.

    35. I see the appeal of this Christmas Morning Yankee Candle.

    36. And the same goes for this set of ten Yankee Candle tealights!

    37. This glass mug honestly has no right to look as good as it does, but here we are.

    38. This heated Silentnight blanket is out to get my bank account, and I'm not even upset about it.

    39. How sweet is this flower seeds advent calendar?!

    40. They'll never know that this Tassimo coffee maker was under £30.

    41. Help them to unleash their inner artist with these permanent brush pens.

    42. This jewellery box comes with a spinning ballerina (aww).

    43. Jamie Oliver's recipe book One is brimming with washing up-minimising one-pan recipes (yes, please).

    44. This Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut champagne comes in a stunning gift box.

    45. Hotel Chocolat's massive 'Everything' Sleekster box contains everything from Eton Mess truffles to decadent Billionaire's Shortbread sweets.

    46. I just don't see the point of the festive season unless it involves Thornton's Continental chocolate box.

    47. This one-litre bottle of Bailey's Irish cream liqueur is a classic for a reason.

    48. Speaking one one-litre bottles of booze (as we should be), this monster bottle of Kraken spiced rum is ridiculously well-reviewed.

    49. This 850g Dairy Milk bar is pretty hard to resist.

    50. And their smaller (but more festive) H-Box is pretty incredible, too.

    51. And if their tastes run more savoury, you can treat them to this hamper of Snowdonia cheeses, crackers, and pickles.

    52. These oh-so-wearable rose gold-tone Ted Baker earrings are romantic without being overly cheesy.

    53. This silver-plated initial necklace comes in all the letters of the alphabet.

    54. As do these light-up letters!

    55. This Himalayan salt lamp has stood the decorative test of time, and considering how warm and comforting the light it gives off is, I completely get it.

    56. Pass some time in that post-dinner lull with this snap-style Dobble game that's perfect for everyone over the age of six.

    57. Or snap up this cult-status Exploding Kittens card game.

    58. It warms my chilly little wintery heart that so many people are gifting each other these mindfulness cards.

    59. One nice thing about my job is that I sometimes find that *one* thing I've been looking for by checking out Amazon's sections. These kraft wrapping paper sheets are a great example (catch them coming through my letterbox in a day or so).

    60. I reckon the most organised person you know will adore this stunning 2023 family planner calendar.

    61. This instant-print Instax Mini 11 is ideal for everyone from teens to, oh I don't know, me.