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    If You're Already Exhausted By This Week, These 34 Products Have Got Your Back

    Anyone else ready for a nine-day nap?

    1. If you've been starting each day with a soggy, condensation-filled windshield, then I'm not surprised you've been feeling a little blegh (why is the damp so ennui-inducing?). This sub-£2 pad has got your back!

    2. These clips will help you style your tresses in no time, even when you've got some serious day-three hair.

    3. It can be hard to air-dry clothes in the UK (especially in the winter), and tumble dryers often create those annoying bobbles on your clothes. This easy-to-use fabric comb provides a simple solution!

    4. Speaking of which, you might want to nab yourself this handy radiator hanger (because God knows how long your clothes might take to dry otherwise).

    5. I never understand the phrase 'the straw that broke the camel's back' as deeply as I do when I spot deodorant stains on my freshly-washed shirt. Good thing Dr. Beckmann's stain remover is so effective, I suppose.

    6. Cooking is probably the most draining task for me during the work week, so I've got my eye on this two-in-one Joseph Joseph scoop and colander which means I can take pasta straight from the pot into my bowl.

    7. Take it from someone with more fine, rebellious hair than they know how to deal with – this strand-taming wand is worth its weight in gold.

    8. If (like me) that relentless piles of dishes in your sink is probably your most common stressor, this ruthlessly efficient Scrub Mommy sponge is here to help.

    9. These ethylene-absorbing spheres prolong the life of my fruit and veg, so I don't have to waste money by throwing produce out a couple of days after I buy it. They work just as well in my fridge as they do in my fruit bowl!

    10. Keep your countertops clean with this clip-on bag holder (because for some reason, the distance between your sink and your bin feels like it triples when you're carrying wet potato skins).

    11. If you've ever looked at the built-up ice in your freezer and thought "yeah, I'm not dealing with that", these genius non-stick liners are here to help.

    12. As a chronic 'I don't know what to cook for dinner' girl, this Nigel Slater cookbook has become my ride-or-die.

    13. This matcha tea perks me up without giving me the coffee jitters.

    14. If you're sick of spotting pet hairs all over your clothes *after* you've left the house, this hair-dissolving washing machine formula is here to help.

    15. Not only will this protective spray get your shower gleaming without the need for scrubbing, but it'll also ensure that your unit stays clean throughout the week.

    16. I'm not saying you would forget to wash your hair and wake up to some flat locks that you're not sure how to style. I'm just saying that if you did, some dry shampoo could probably help.

    17. Tinted lip balm is so much more forgiving than a full-on lipstick. You can apply this as you're leaving the house without any hassle!

    18. These air fryer liners are frankly a revelation (what do you mean I could have skipped cleaning the crumb-y grease basket this entire time?).

    19. The thought of coming home to this blanket hoodie has been enough to see me through the last three nap-worthy hours of the work day recently.

    20. And the same goes for this lanky little hot water bottle that can be wrapped around your shoulders or back.

    21. These spot patches understand how much you do not need to look at a fresh spot when you first wake up on a work day. They'll camouflage and cover your zits instantly, and having tried them myself I can vouch for their near-invisible claims.

    22. This ridiculously low-hassle cooker will perfectly boil, poach, or...omelette? (shh) your eggs in a matter of minutes, no pans needed.

    23. Sick of pouring a glass of wine out for yourself after work only to realise it's gone off? Same. You'll be able to keep your opened wine fresh for up to a week(!!) by using these vacuum stoppers.

    24. If you're a packed lunch person, I'm drooling over this glass lunchbox with cutlery in its lid.

    25. Sorry, but your kitchen basically isn't complete without these reusable stretchy silicone lids – especially if, like me, your diet becomes 99% leftovers as the week progresses.

    26. Coty Airspun powder has a cult following for a reason. This stuff will help to give your makeup a flawless finish, even if you've spent next to no time actually applying it!

    27. These microfibre towel wraps will help your hair dry faster *and* reduce frizz (an absolute gift for us long-haired folks).

    28. This potato pocket will help you to make the perfect microwave baked spud!

    29. These drop-down hangers are perfect for anyone who's ever thought "wow, for someone with almost no storage, I sure do have a lot of clothes". They'll help you to plan your work outfits in advance too!

    30. This heated airing rack will dry your clothes out in a jiffy – you deserve better than lifting still-soggy jeans off your radiators before work.

    31. The thought alone of waking up to already-filled-in brows on busy weekday mornings is enough to make me buy this Dybrow tinting kit.

    32. You know when half of your bin liner falls into the bin and it makes removing the whole bag a *much* grosser process? Yeah, that won't happen with these bags that have elasticated tops.

    33. Come home to a warm, already-cooked meal with the help of the iconic Instant Pot.

    34. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes, so you won't have to suspend normal living room life every time you spill a cuppa.