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    33 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This March

    *"accidentally" sends entire list to friends*

    1. These Himalayan salt tealight holders will give you really soft, natural-looking light, and they're heavy enough that they won't budge or fall too.

    2. This mini Becca highlighter comes in five different shades.

    3. These bath bombs come in a beautiful gift-wrapped box, and the scents include lavender, rose, and lemon.

    4. Yeah, I'm gonna need to own this stunning necklace immediately, thanks.

    5. This gorgeous notebook is just *chef's kiss*.

    6. This Too Faced Born This Way palette contains a mix of wearable mattes and more high-glam shimmers.

    7. Mark the beginning of spring with these fairy lights.

    8. This Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray has a cult following for a reason.

    9. These tattoo-inspired tarot cards are stunning.

    10. This dip-glazed mug is about to be your new favourite cup.

    11. You'll have a whale of a time with this measuring spoon set.

    12. These gold-look collagen eye masks can help to de-puff and brighten your skin (plus, they look incredible).

    13. This card really says it all.

    14. These astronaut earrings are out of this world (plus, they're an absolute bargain).

    15. You can customise this stellar phone case with your name (or whatever other message you like).

    16. This (kind of gorgeous) puzzle book gets a 10/10 from me.

    17. Each of these soy candles come in their own lil' mugs.

    18. Potterheads will probably love this time turner keyring.

    19. This mini hoover is a handy and adorable way to get rid of crumbs from your keyboard or bed (we've all been there).

    20. These sprout bookmarks will definitely grow on you.

    21. This mug has (and I cannot stress this enough) a lil' pocket for biscuits.

    22. These salt and pepper shakers are incredible.

    23. This Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder is seriously impressive.

    24. Decorate your room with this moon garland.

    25. Treat yourself to this gourmet chocolate pizza.

    26. How incredibly sweet are these pencils?!

    27. This gin collection from Hotel Chocolat is the gift I honestly never knew I was missing.

    28. This cushion cover is incredibly sweet.

    29. These highly-rated brushes come in a gorgeous case.

    30. BRB, about to buy five of these adorable mini record players (and yes, the tiny discs do actually play music).

    31. These gorge geometric earrings are the dream duo TBH.

    32. These personalised shot glasses can have matte or metallic fonts on them, and you can choose from a range of colours too.

    33. You know what, socks are a classic gift for a reason (and these bad boys prove why).