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    33 Products That Might Just Make Your Home A Better Place To Be During Lockdown 3.0

    For everything from cooking to decor!

    1. This gorgeous lamp will literally brighten up your WFH setup.

    2. And you'll be able to turn almost any surface into a desk thanks to this adjustable laptop stand!

    3. Organise your stuff in the most Instagram-worthy way possible with this extra-deep acrylic storage box from The Home Edit.

    4. This jacquard-weave duvet cover set will make your entire bedroom look that little bit more *luxe*.

    5. Perfect your home bakes with this non-stick loaf pan!

    6. This remote-controlled LED backlight will make your TV look better AND help to prevent eye strain. You can switch between 20 different colours!

    7. Okay, but how clever is this Joseph Joseph washing-up bowl that has a handy plug at its base?

    8. And Joseph Joseph's tilted bar soap holder also has a clever drain at its bottom (because honestly, who has time to clean that sticky residue from their sinks?!).

    9. You'll finally be able to store your shoes in style by using this specially-designed cabinet. It can hold up to 15 pairs!

    10. Bring some relaxing vibes to your home with these pretty glass tealight holders.

    11. Upgrade your sleeping sitch with this medium-firm pillow.

    12. These clever baskets slide under your shelves for easy (and neat) storage.

    13. Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate this triple-pack of wooden utensils. The genius teardrop-shaped spoon will scoop up every last bit of food from the side of your pot!

    14. You know that messy ball of reusable bags that's filling about 90% of the cupboard under your sink? Yeah, this sleek dispenser will make 'em much more organised.

    15. If you feel like you spend most of your evenings prepping food, this Y-shaped peeler from OXO is here to speed up the process.

    16. You'll feel incredibly fancy while using this gold-hued cutlery set.

    17. If your current WFH chair is making your back ache, consider this faux lather swivel one that's ergonomically designed to support your spine.

    18. These easy-peasy stick-on subway tiles are trendy for a reason! Their water-resistant material is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike.

    19. These low-hassle drain sticks are packed full of enzymes that break down the grease and grime in your plugholes. Just drop them in and you're done!

    20. Replace your makeshift kitchen table office with this cleverly-designed desk.

    21. The last thing anyone needs right now is a scaly cuppa. Banish the crust from your kettle with these descaler sachets!

    22. The fresh fruit and veg that's taking up space on your countertops would look way tidier in this narrow kitchen trolley.

    23. Bring the outdoors inside with this gorgeous lil' artificial ficus plant.

    24. This non-slip bath mat will make your bathroom feel like a Scandinavian spa! It's completely mildew-resistant.

    25. Protect the base of your oven from spills, stains, and crumbs by using this Teflon liner.

    26. If you're sick of cycling through the same four dinners on an endless loop, I recommend shaking up your usual meal rotation by nabbing this air fryer.

    27. Missing your fave coffee shop? This chic espresso machine is a steal at less than £40!

    28. You'll be able to wash your clothes without having to buy any detergent thanks to this reusable linen-scented ball. It'll last you for up to 1,000 cycles!

    29. Stack your pots and pans on top of each other without having to worry about them getting scratched by using these felt protectors.

    30. This wooden storage box just oozes rustic charm.

    31. You can cook everything from bread to casseroles in this oven-safe cast iron pot.

    32. These breathtakingly pretty dried flowers won't wilt!

    33. Okay, but why didn't I order this over-the-door organiser sooner?!

    Your home to you after you nab these: