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    42 Products Under £10 To Help Make Winter Lockdown More Bearable

    Some of these are useful, some are cute, and all are an absolute steal.

    1. Treat yourself to this pack of five Garnier sheet masks (because TBH, you deserve it right now).

    2. If you're wearing a lot of fluffy, cosy clothes at the moment, you might just appreciate this highly-rated fabric comb. It'll get rid of those annoying bobbles in no time!

    3. I'm not saying that you HAVE to indulge in this literal bucket of Maltesers, but I do think it's important that you know it exists.

    4. Anyone who wears glasses will understand why I had to include this anti-fogging spray. It's designed to be used by scuba divers, so you know it's got to be good!

    5. Whether you love early morning jogs or just wish you were more visible while walking in the dark, this inexpensive hat is ideal. It's got an easy-to-reach adjustable headlamp on its front, and I've found that the hat itself is comfortable and breathable!

    6. Missing your loved ones right now? Show them that you're thinking about them by sending this porcelain hedgehug that comes in a lil' matchbox.

    7. Central heating can cause your skin to dry out, so hydrating products are especially useful now that you're spending more time indoors. This hyaluronic acid serum will ensure that the moisture already present in your skin stays there and creates a barrier against drying forces!

    8. I just think that we should be talking about this Pukka tea advent calendar more often. It contains 24 teabags for every day of Christmas!

    9. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting sick of looking at the tangled cords by my WFH desk by now. This cable tidy box is here to help!

    10. Keep your nails looking glam while the salons are closed by nabbing this cuticle remover gel from Sally Hansen. It'll remove the dead skin at the base of your nails in as little as fifteen seconds!

    11. Now that the weather's gotten wetter AND you're staying in a lot, tackling mould couldn't be more important. I've tried this highly-rated removal spray myself and have been amazed by the results!

    12. This water-resistant windscreen coating will make driving in the rain that little bit easier.

    13. If you're spending about 99% of your time in bed right now, we have something in common. This stellar tarot tapestry will upgrade that boring wall you're probably sick of looking at by now!

    14. The combination of cold weather, WFH screens, and lockdown stress might just increase the frequency of your headaches. This levomenthol 4Head stick has helped to provide relief for some users in as little as two minutes!

    15. Reviewers rave about these gross-but-satisfying foot peel masks (I mean, what better time to give them a go?).

    16. If lockdown has turned you into an avid home cook, this extra-tough hob stain remover might just become your new BFF.

    17. Stay cosy AF with the help of this lavender-scented microwavable wrap. It gets just as warm as a regular hot water bottle does but provides way more flexibility!

    18. Squeeze some stress away with this highly-rated Calma Llama.

    19. Indulge in some beauty therapy by nabbing this insanely highly-rated eyeshadow palette. It contains a mixture of glam sparkly shades and wearable matte hues!

    20. If you still have to commute during lockdown, you should at least be able to do so without facing that annoying windshield condensation in the morning. This reusable dehumidifier bag is here to help!

    21. Bring some boho vibes into your room with these Himalayan salt fairy lights (just be sure to keep them out of the reach of pets!).

    22. You'll be able to transform your day-three hair in no time with these stunning clips.

    23. Feeling festive? These fairy lights are simply stunning!

    24. This incredible mug has an extra-large pocket at its front that's specially designed to hold biscuits (um, yes please).

    25. Banish those annoying blackheads with the help of this (deeply satisfying) extraction kit.

    26. Leave lockdown with longer, thicker lashes than you had at the start by nabbing this peptide-packed growth serum.

    27. You know what you don't need to be stressing about right now? Scaly cuppas. These descaler sachets from Oust will remove the crust from inside your kettle in just ten minutes!

    28. Mums are working double time right now, so anything that might lift their mood is 100% worth it IMO. This 'mama bear' mug fits the bill exactly!

    29. Going through endless cuppas right now? Placing the mugs directly onto your wooden surfaces can create hard-to-budge rings on your fave table, so it's a good thing that this furniture restorer is so good at its job!

    30. There might not be a more perfect lockdown product than this swear word colouring book.

    31. Dealing with a lot of 'maskne' right now? Same. These hyrdocolloid patches will heal and conceal your spots!

    32. You'll be able to save single portions of your leftovers for an easy WFH lunch with these reusable freezer-safe bags. Reviewers love their secure zip seals!

    33. Don't mind me, just drooling over this hot chocolate and owl mug gift set.

    34. This colour-shifting Lunar Lilac eyeshadow from Rimmel honestly has no right to look as good as it does. It's perfect if makeup is your main lockdown hobby!

    35. These mini elephant-shaped candles are almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    36. Take your mind off of These Unprecedented Times with this cloud-shaped bath bomb that leaves a rainbow-hued trail behind it as it fizzes.

    37. It might sound trivial, but I swear by keeping my work mug different to my regular mug – after all, you probably had a fave one when you were in the office. This witches' brew cup is absolutely gorgeous!

    38. You can personalise this clip-on hand sanitiser bottle!

    39. This inky black mascara from Maybelline is a great way to look more put-together with minimal effort.

    40. These highly-rated glasses will help to block the blue light from your screens which can cause eye strain and block the sleep hormone melatonin.

    41. This self-adhesive soundproofing strip will keep whatever room you're working in quiet. It'll also help to prevent pesky draughts!

    42. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this bedside caddy ASAP, thanks.

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