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    33 Products To Help You Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Spaces

    For everything from gardens to balconies and windowsills.

    1. Whether you've got kids or just fancy a run around, this sports day kit is ideal.

    2. This set of three plant pots come with a stunning metal tray, making them perfect for growing your own herbs and flowers in your windowsill.

    3. This dandelion-shaped solar stake light has absolutely no right to be as gorgeous as it is.

    4. Create some calm vibes with this glass and rattan tea light holder.

    5. Give your balcony or patio doors the attention they deserve with this vine curtain.

    6. How stunning is this set of three lanterns?!

    7. Eating breakfast in your garden or on your balcony with this rattan tray sounds pretty idyllic to me.

    8. This candle lantern looks so much more expensive than it actually is.

    9. If you haven't got a real allotment, this mini indoor one that you can place by your windowsill should do pretty nicely.

    10. I might never get over how pretty these lantern-shaped solar lights look.

    11. This turtle-shaped box will look right at home no matter where you put it.

    12. Kids will probably adore this unicorn-shaped sprinkler.

    13. This steel fire pit will add some ~drama~ and cosiness to your garden, and it comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions too.

    14. Whether you've got a balcony or a patio, this gold-hued candle lantern is sure to stun.

    15. Bring a buzz to your garden with this pollinator Seedbom, which will sprout nectar-rich flowers wherever you throw it.

    16. Bring some boho chic to your outdoor spaces with this hanging rattan basket.

    17. This boredom-busting game box is packed full of fun outdoor activities that are perfect for your garden.

    18. This lil' plant pot proves that you can decorate small spaces in style.

    19. This garden chair comes in a whole range of different colours and patterns.

    20. If you've wanted a gorgeous hammock for ages, right about now is probably the time to nab one.

    21. Grow your own durable cactus with the help of this handy tin.

    22. Transform your barbecue grill into a pizza oven with this handy tool. It's compatible with all kinds of outdoor cookers, and it'll cook your pizzas in about four minutes!

    23. You can store everything from plants to books in this seagrass-look basket.

    24. This cream-coloured macramé swing is honestly the stuff of dreams – it can hold up to 240kg too!

    25. Bring some rustic charm to your windowsill or balcony with this wooden box.

    26. This narrow metal planter box is the perfect way to add some flora to your balcony, and seeing as the box itself is removable, you can use it as a windowsill dressing for bigger ledges too!

    27. This stunning glassware screams "spring".

    28. Create a camping vibe with this marshmallow toasting kit.

    29. This dark wooden plant pot looks incredibly classy.

    30. Whether you're growing it outdoors or have a plant pot inside, this grow bar will sprout cocktail-friendly herbs with very little effort on your behalf.

    31. This small bee block will leave you buzzing.

    32. Water your plants in style with this stunning spritzer.

    33. This unique hanging planter is gorgeous!