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    47 Little Things Under £15 To Help Make Every Room In Your Home Look Better

    Including everything from gorgeous decor to handy cleaning tools!

    1. Organise your toothbrushes and razors with this self-adhesive caddy.

    2. This wall hanging is stunning!

    3. This shiba inu cushion is almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    4. This bamboo bath mat is an absolute steal.

    5. This tiny brush works brilliantly for hard-to-reach surfaces like your windowsill.

    6. Treat your hair while also adding a glam touch to your room with this satin pillowcase.

    7. This pack of four cushion covers is just *chef's kiss*.

    8. These panda-shaped plush magnets are adorable.

    9. This eucalyptus-leaf garland is effortlessly sophisticated.

    10. Organise your wardrobe with these space-saving drop-down hangers!

    11. This sloth-shaped rug is about to become your new favourite thing.

    12. This set of three decorative mirrors is 1) stunning and 2) an absolute steal.

    13. These incredible lights come in all the letters of the alphabet!

    14. This geometric rose gold wallpaper has no right to be as pretty as it is, but here we are.

    15. Or, if you prefer a deeper colour, this star-studded navy wallpaper is out of this world.

    16. Store your photos in the cutest way possible with these LED clips.

    17. This copper-look loo roll holder somehow manages to make toilet paper glam.

    18. This macramé wall hanging is gorgeous.

    19. Can we talk about these cute AF bear bookends for a moment, please?!

    20. BEHOLD this incredible fox-shaped night light.

    21. These coasters are just as cute as a button.

    22. Water your plants in style with this retro-looking mister.

    23. These honeycomb organisers click into place! They're a really easy way to get your sock drawer looking neat.

    24. I'm a huge fan of this copper-look mug tree.

    25. This mould remover spray gets to work in half an hour!

    26. Keep your curtains open with these rope ties.

    27. These Himalayan salt rock tealight holders will look incredible no matter where you put them.

    28. This wall-mounted towel rack will help to declutter your bathroom.

    29. Keep your fridge clean with these shelf-protecting liners.

    30. These mini vases look really modern.

    31. This wire bird is fun and quirky.

    32. Decorate your space with this canvas-mounted copy of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'!

    33. This handy caddy hooks onto the base of your shower stem.

    34. Remove markings from your wall with this magic eraser from Flash.

    35. This fluffy duster is telescopic, so you'll be able to reach those hard-to-get-at spots in your home. The head is flexible too!

    36. Clean between the strips of your blinds with this microfibre-covered tool.

    37. Double the storage space in your cupboards while also organising their contents with this wire rack.

    38. This drop-in descaler bag will clear your kettle of limescale, so your cuppas will look (and taste) a lot better.

    39. You'll be able to disguise any scratches or marks on your wooden surfaces with one of these specially-designed markers and crayons. There are six colours included in the pack!

    40. Replace the worn-down markings on your cooker with these transparent stickers. They're tough enough to withstand being cleaned over!

    41. This Joseph Joseph cutlery organiser is sleek, stunning, AND space-saving.

    42. Make your cupboards and drawers look way more expensive with these low-effort knobs.

    43. Add some glitz and glamour to your bathroom or kitchen with this pack of 20 stick-on tile covers.

    44. Turn your windows into stained glass-look works of art with this self-adhesive window film.

    45. You can finally hang up that old picture you've had for ages with these Command strips.

    46. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this foxy planter immediately, thanks.

    47. Organise the odd bits and bobs around your house with this pretty storage box.

    You to your house after this list: