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    33 Little Things That Might Just Make Your Flat A Better Place To Live

    No garden (or space, or privacy)? We've got you.

    1. If you a) need something to do at the moment and b) want to bring more nature into your apartment, this grow-your-own cactus tin is perfect.

    2. These exercise flashcards are ideal if you live in a smaller space, because they give you a range of at-home exercises to try without machines (and the deck itself takes up almost no space).

    3. Make the most of limited kitchen space with this hanging shelf rack!

    4. Cook with minimal mess by using this one-pot recipe book from Leon. It's packed full of delicious recipes, and the book itself is smaller than most other cookbooks (a double win, TBH).

    5. This boho-chic rug is impressively large for its price, and it's a great way to add some softness and character to your room.

    6. Whether you've got flatmates to keep happy or just want a clean apartment for its own sake, this facial hair-catching bib is a great way to ensure your sink doesn't get covered in tiny lil' hairs when you shave.

    7. This daisy-studded vine will help you to bring spring indoors, regardless of whether or not you have a garden.

    8. Make the most of the space you have with this under-the-bed storage trunk.

    9. Keep all your food apart from everyone else's in the fridge or just add some stunning storage to your room with this gold-look storage basket.

    10. You can keep your toothbrush alongside your flatmates' without them touching each other by using this toothbrush holder. Plus, the lid on the top helps to prevent that annoying scummy puddle from forming at the base of the mug!

    11. Maximise your wardrobe space with this hanging storage unit which comes with six different levels.

    12. I mean, you can try to tell me this dumpling light wouldn't massively improve your space, but I wouldn't believe you.

    13. Want to cover up that (slightly gross) wall without whipping out the paint? This stunning tapestry is the perfect way to do it.

    14. If you want to keep photos on display but don't have the room or hanging space for a frame, this mini photo holder is basically ideal.

    15. This arched mirror is the perfect way to bring light into your home, and because of its design and size, it'll basically feel like another window.

    16. Place this anti-slip mat under your rugs to ensure you don't have to worry about slipping on that one little mat (the worst feeling).

    17. You can grow your own lil' plants in these tiny ceramic eggs (and yes, everything you need to grow them, from soil to seeds, is included).

    18. This twill laundry basket has a handy AF drawstring top, and because it's not a wired basket, you can fit it almost anywhere.

    19. If you're finding that pots and pans are taking up most of the space in your kitchen (which, same), this piece of hanging storage is an innovative solution.

    20. This teeny-tiny planetarium is a stellar (and low-space) way to stargaze, even if you don't have a garden to do it IRL.

    21. These incense sticks will make your apartment smell better, which is never a bad thing. Scents include coconut & lime, lavender & eucalyptus, orange blossom, and sage!

    22. Whether you love cooking but don't have much space to prep your food or just want to make something delicious without leaving a mess behind, this mini waffle maker is perfect.

    23. This over-the-door hanging storage unit allows you to store your stuff on the back of your door, perfect for hanging towels in bathrooms or keeping your coats tidy.

    24. And this low-key genius unit is perfect if you have more to store.

    25. Cover your most boring wall while ALSO reflecting more light into the room with this gold moon banner.

    26. This sunny shower curtain is out of this world.

    27. These cotton tea towels are super useful, and they're so pretty they're basically decor, too.

    28. This patchwork duvet cover set will help to prove what you already knew: your bedroom is probably the best room in your apartment.

    29. This narrow rattan box is marketed as a spice holder, but if you haven't got much space, it's the perfect size and shape to add some decorations or storage to your windowsill too.

    30. Lots of apartments don't have tumble dryers, so whether you don't have a clothes horse yet or are finding that one isn't enough now that everyone's home all the time, this three-tier one is a pretty solid investment.

    31. This velvet cushion cover looks like it costs way more than it actually does.

    32. This handy storage box folds flat when it's not in use.

    33. Add some pretty and practical touches to your kitchen without taking up too much room with this mini chopping board.