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    24 Products That Are So Low-Effort, They'll Work While You Sleep

    It's about time you woke up to RESULTS.

    1. Banish the mould and mildew from your grouting, caulk, and walls with this specially-designed gel.

    2. Wake up to softer, smoother lips by nabbing O'Keeffe's overnight repair balm.

    3. And this intensive night cream will tackle the dry skin on your feet and hands.

    4. Not only will this protective spray get your shower gleaming without the need for scrubbing, but it'll also ensure that your unit stays clean throughout the week.

    5. This drain unblocker is strong enough to dissolve hair. You'll get better results the longer you leave it in!

    6. Start the day with bouncy, defined curls by nabbing these inexpensive rollers.

    7. These hydrocolloid patches are perfect for those annoying breakouts because they conceal AND heal your spots at the same time. I like to pop them on any zits before I fall asleep and find that they significantly reduce the size of my spots in the morning!

    8. And if you'd rather use a spot drying lotion, NIP+FAB's overnight one has gotten some seriously impressive reviews.

    9. Make your grimiest appliance look new again by using this deep-cleaning Oven Brite kit.

    10. Repair and hydrate dry, damaged hair with this protein-rich night repair cream.

    11. These satin pillowcases are kind to your hair and skin, and they look incredibly luxe too (um, frizz reduction as you sleep? Yes, please).

    12. Hoo boy, do folks love this contact-cleaning solution that's suitable for sensitive eyes.

    13. If you've got stubborn limescale in your loo, these Harpic 'Power Plus' tablets are here to help.

    14. Transform your skin with the iconic Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask! It's bursting with watermelon extract and exfoliating AHA compounds.

    15. This (frankly genius) over-the-door rack might actually dry your wet clothes in time for the morning.

    16. Tackle the hard-to-clean mineral buildup on your tap's spout without disrupting your daily water use by placing this descaler gadget on it before you sleep.

    17. Moths are especially active at night, so it'll be reassuring to know that these cedar wood rings are protecting your clothes from them during the wee hours.

    18. This self-watering plant pot does exactly what it promises to do. It'll keep your fave flowers hydrated through the night!

    19. If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, these elastic sheet suspenders will help you to avoid that annoying midnight bed-making session.

    20. The enzymes in these drain sticks will work night *and* day shifts to keep your plugholes clear.

    21. You won't have to face cleaning a fogged-up windscreen in the morning when you use this reusable dehumidifier.

    22. Thrush is incredibly common, so it's a good thing that the pessary in this two-in-one Canesten set gets rid of the cause while you sleep.

    23. Customers love the bouncy, youthful effect that this retinol serum has had on their skin. It's best used before you go to sleep because sunlight can diminish its effects!

    24. If your wooden surfaces are always covered in mugs, chances are that they're looking a little worse for wear by now. This specially-designed furniture restorer will get rid of the ring marks and water stains that your cups can leave behind!

    Footage of you going to sleep knowing you'll wake up to clean grouting and spot-free skin: