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    27 Low-Effort Products That Work In The Background To Make Your Life Better

    You won't even *notice* these bad boys getting to work!

    1. This protective tape will keep your furniture scratch-free without you having to constantly shoo your furry friends away from the sofa.

    2. This (frankly genius) over-the-door rack will 1) ensure that your clothes dry quickly while you go about your day and 2) keep your floor space clear.

    3. Your rugs won't slip or curl when you pop these well-reviewed grippers underneath them!

    4. If you're sick of snoring but hate the idea of using invasive nose clips, this specially-designed pillow from Silentnight is here to help.

    5. You'll be able to drive more safely with these blind spot mirrors.

    6. This self-watering plant pot does exactly what it promises to do.

    7. I'm losing it over this genius wall-mounted brush that your pets can use to self-groom! It'll ensure that all their loose hair has been removed before they get a chance to moult on your sofa or other soft furnishings.

    8. These cedar wood rings naturally repel moths, making them a great addition to your wardrobe.

    9. I'd tried every hack in the book to keep my freezer ice-free before finally landing on these frost-preventing freezer liners.

    10. This sofa saver will make your cushions way less likely to sag over time.

    11. Make driving in the rain that little bit easier with this water-repelling treatment. It's ideal if your windscreen wipers can't keep up with British downpours!

    12. And this car dehumidifier bag has converted some sceptical reviewers who had previously seen fogged-up windshields as an annoying fact of life.

    13. Protect your unit from soap stains, fingerprints, and streaks with this shower shield solution.

    14. This eco-friendly Magnoball will draw all the limescale out from your washing machine or dishwasher, and will last you for up to five years!

    15. It'll be much easier to make your bed in the morning when you use these elastic sheet suspenders.

    16. Remove the limescale from your kettle with this descaler ball. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal – it's so low-effort that you won't even notice it working!

    17. And this protective oven liner will protect the base of your oven without you having to think about it.

    18. These ethylene-absorbing spheres will make your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    19. Plugholes can fill up with grease and scum pretty quickly, but don't worry – these dissolving drain sticks have got your back!

    20. If you live in a hard water area, this screw-on shower head will make the water you wash with softer.

    21. You'll be able to find a matching pair of socks in no time when you use these honeycomb organisers.

    22. The iconic Tubshroom is a cult-status product for a reason – it's as effective as it is easy to use.

    23. Prevent clutter from forming around your taps by using these adjustable sink caddies.

    24. This soap saver will help to prevent that incredibly wasteful and slimy stuck-to-the-sink problem you always get with bar soaps.

    25. Reduce eye strain when you're watching TV by nabbing these remote-control LED backlights.

    26. Anyone who wears glasses will appreciate this anti-fog spray, which is especially useful when you're wearing a face covering.

    27. These hydrocolloid patches will cover AND heal your spots.

    Footage of you relaxing while these products get to work: