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    If You're Exhausted Two Days Into The Work Week, These 26 Low-Effort Products Might Just Make Chores Easier

    You mean to tell me I have to chop my OWN onions after work?!

    1. What if your coffee machine knew when you were going to wake up and had a hot cup of java ready the second your alarm went off? Guess what, folks – this one can do that!

    2. These microfibre towel wraps will help your hair dry faster *and* reduce frizz (an absolute gift for us long-haired folks).

    3. Coty's 'Airspun' powder has a cult following for a reason. It'll give your makeup a flawless finish, even if you've spent next to no time actually applying it!

    4. Save yourself the time and hassle of reaching into the back of your cupboard to find that *one* pot of cinnamon you're looking for by using this practical turntable instead.

    5. Keep your machines clean in the most low-effort way possible with these microwave and fridge wipes.

    Packet of wipes

    6. This self-watering plant pot will keep your plants looking healthy with minimal effort. Some reviewers say they've gone up to twelve weeks on one fill (woah).

    7. Start the day with bouncy, defined curls by nabbing these inexpensive rollers that work while you sleep.

    8. Can't work out what to make for lunch? Turn your toaster into a panini press with one of these highly-rated reusable bags.

    9. This nifty garlic chopper will finely mince your cloves in the most fun (and effective) way possible.

    10. This beside-the-bed pouch will keep your stuff in reach when you're in the comfiest place in your home (perfect for those Wednesday Netflix binges).

    11. If you're a little far behind on your laundry (we've all been there) or if you're just prone to spills, these stain remover pens are honestly a gift.

    12. If you spend ages trying to find a matching pair of socks in the morning, we have something in common. We should probably both look into these incredibly useful drawer organisers!

    13. If you keep chucking your clothes over the rail in your wardrobe but hate how messy it gets, these S-shaped hangers are pretty much the perfect middle ground.

    14. This twist nail polish remover pot makes removing your manicure easy, because painted nails and midweek chores tend not to mix.

    15. I was not prepared for how much of my adulthood I'd spend cleaning my shower unit. This Method spray smells of ylang-ylang, and it's wipe and scrub-free too – just leave it on your wet surfaces and go about your day!

    16. I'm at the point in my life where I look at something like this self-heating lunchbox and think "this might be the most life-changing purchase I ever make".

    17. You'll be able to look your dentist in the eye and say "Yes, I do floss daily" with this handy water pick.

    18. It'll be much easier to make your bed in the morning when you use these elastic sheet suspenders.

    19. Make sure your hump day freezer meals aren't locked behind a barrier of ice when you need them most by nabbing these frost-preventing liners.

    20. You'll be able to leave your bins out without having to worry about them being put back in the wrong place thanks to these personalised weatherproof stickers.

    21. Shake up your laundry routine *and* save some cash by nabbing these inexpensive tumble dryer balls.

    22. The effort-to-payoff ratio of this fast-acting degreaser spray is seriously impressive. It'll clear your hob of cooking stains in no time!

    23. If the prospect of prepping your veg after work is enough to put you off eating homemade meals altogether, this ten-in-one mandolin has got your back!

    24. You can tell me you won't be grateful for this microwave rice cooker when you get home from work, but I won't believe you.

    25. Speaking of speedy meals, this potato pocket will help you to make the perfect microwave baked spud!

    26. This (frankly genius) over-the-door rack will 1) ensure that your clothes dry quickly while you go about your day and 2) keep your floor space clear.