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    18 Low-Effort Cleaning Products To Try If You're Lazy But Can't Stand Mess

    For when you love a clean house, but I mean, not enough to actually clean.

    1. These drain sticks will literally clean your plug holes for you.

    2. Save so much time scrubbing the base of your oven with these Teflon mats!

    3. This Bin Buddy powder will absorb all the excess liquid in your bin liners, so you won't have to mop up any leaks.

    4. Is your kettle full of limescale? Try this descaler – the only effort it requires is dropping it into your kettle!

    5. These tablets will deep-clean your flask or coffee machine in no time without the scrubbing.

    6. Rather than letting your drains get full of hair and eventually block up, consider buying this Tubshroom instead.

    7. Silicone counter gap covers exist. Did you know about this? I did not know about this.

    8. You could spend forever scrubbing the sides of your microwave to get the stains off, or you could try this Angry Mama microwave cleaner, which loosens the gunk for you!

    9. Good cleaning wipes are a lazy/clean person's dream.

    10. Sick of scrubbing the tiles in your bathroom to get rid of mould and buildup? With this mould remover spray, you won't have to!

    11. I mean, they call 'em Magic Erasers for a reason.

    12. These hob covers will protect your cooker from spills and stains.

    13. Some rim blocks will help to keep your loo fresh between scrubs.

    14. Are the bottom of your fridge drawers always getting slimy? Try these covers!

    15. It's hard to overstate how much a dry microfibre cloth can do for your surfaces.

    16. You could spend ages cleaning out your compost bin when you empty it. Or, you could just buy these biodegradable bin liners instead!

    17. If you rely on your dishwasher to function, you can't go wrong with this dishwasher cleaner.

    18. A robot vacuum cleaner is the ultimate no-effort cleaning hack!

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