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    24 Low-Effort Cleaning Products For If You’re Really Tidy But Also Really Tired

    Yes, I want a clean house, and no, I don't want to clean my house. We exist.

    1. Let's face it, nobody ever wants to clean their plug holes. These drain sticks will keep them clear for you!

    2. These oven liners will keep your cooker clean after you've scrubbed it.

    Oven liners at the base of an oven

    3. If you've got mould on your walls, ceilings, or grout, this highly effective mould remover spray might just be what you're looking for.

    Before and after picture of grimy grouting and clean grouting

    4. If you're sick of having to clean your bin or floors due to leaks in your bin liners, this Bin Buddy powder is perfect. It's designed to absorb all the excess moisture in your bin bags!

    Hand pouring Bin Buddy powder into an opened bin

    5. This under-the-counter bin will make cleaning up while you're cooking so much easier. It folds flat when it's not in use!

    Hand pushing vegetable peels from counter into a bin underneath

    6. If your kettle is in need of a good clean, this drop-in descaler bag will do it for you in a matter of minutes.

    A before and after picture of a mug of tea half covered in limescale and half clear

    7. This mug-cleaning powder will help to transform dirty and stained mugs in no time.

    A tub of mug cleaner with before and after halves of a dirty and clean mug

    8. These biodegradable liners will help to keep the inside of your compost bin clean.

    Two rolls of pale green bin liners

    9. Keep your sink clean on an everyday basis – rather than waiting for it to get grimy and then deep-cleaning it – by using this tap extender.

    Tap extender washing cloth in sink

    10. If you rely on your dishwasher, you'll probably want to keep it clean so it can run as smoothly as possible. This powder is a great way to remove buildup and grime!

    11. Keep your loo fresh with these Duck gel discs.

    A packet of Duck gel dics

    12. Keep the top of your cooker clean the easy way with these hob covers.

    Hands applying hob stickers to hobs

    13. Magic Eraser sponges have honestly earned their name – these bad boys do everything.

    14. Remove hair and more from your drains by using these hair catchers.

    Hand holding hair-covered Tubshroom

    15. Get your microwave sparkling with this Angry Mama cleaner.

    Steaming cleaner placed in microwave

    16. This twister mop has a spinning drain mechanism in the bucket, so you'll be able to dry your floors faster (the most annoying part of mopping TBH).

    Foot pushing pedal on the back of a mop bucket

    17. These shower cloths have suction cups in their corners, so they'll be within easy reach of your unit all the time.

    Two cloths with suction cups in the corner

    18. Transform your shower head with ease by using this limescale remover.

    Before and after pic of a half-dirty and half-clean shower head

    19. Descale your taps easily and effectively with this (low-key genius) gadget.

    Liquid holder at base of tap spout

    20. You'll be able to really get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with this set of two brushes.

    21. Clean multiple strips of your blinds at once with this handy tool.

    Cleaning brush with multiple microfibre-covered arms

    22. The gap between your countertops and oven can be a real dirt trap, and it's hard to clean that lil' gap properly once it gets dirty. These silicone strips are designed to fill that gap and prevent spillages!

    Silicone cover sealing gaps between hob and countertop

    23. Keep your machines clean in the most low-effort way possible with these microwave and fridge wipes.

    Packet of wipes

    24. Make one of the hardest-to-clean areas in your home look impeccable with this carpet-cleaning powder from Vanish.

    Clean patch of dirty carpet following the head of a vaccuum cleaner